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Mail Metrics have one mission – simplify, automate, and digitize customer engagement for financial services.

Our innovative technology is disrupting the status quo in the market by providing one highly compliant enterprise level solution for managing your customer engagement across postal and digital channels.

From document composition, through to electronic content management (ECM), document workflow, real time reporting for SLA adherence and multi-channel customer communications, Mail Metrics have the solution.

What is Mail Metrics

Mail Metrics is a SaaS platform that helps Financial Services companies to automate and digitise their mission critical customer communications and documentation.

The platform consists of a suite of products designed to transform how you engage with your customers at every touch-point of their journey.

Implementation of the platform drives improved customer experience, better regulatory compliance, and reduced operational cost.

How does it work?

The products integrate seamlessly with each other, and with your existing technology stack, to give you one solution for creating, sending, receiving, and storing all your customer interactions. The products are:

  • Composer – Document composition/generation at scale.
  • Send – Multi-Channel document delivery. Right communication, right person, right time.
  • Receive – Multi-Channel inbound communication capture, classification and workflow.
  • Archive – Content management solution.
  • DAM – A digital asset management system for managing changes and version control of all non-personalised, regulatory docs such as policy books, terms of business.
  • Insights – A real-time reporting suite to provide dashboards and monitoring for all your customer engagements.

Founded in 2013 on a vision of seamless digital communications between Insurers and Policyholders by the current leadership, Nick Keegan (CEO), Pawel Jernas (CPO), Marcin Jernas (CTO), we are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with teams in Bangor, Edinburgh, and Warsaw.

The company is experiencing double digit annual growth, with more than 50 customers in the region as we help the industry make our vision the new reality.

We’ve grown to a £20m business over the last 10 years through a mix of organic growth and acquisition, and we’re on track to double our revenues to $40M by end of Q2 2023.

Primarily a UK & IRE presence at the moment, with early conversations starting in the US with a potential partner.

The company’s success is underpinned by the in-house development of a state-of-the-art SaaS platform purpose built for financial services. The platform delivers several benefits:

  • Enable Insurers (and others in financial services) to migrate to digital channels for their customer communications is a very straightforward, low risk, low cost, transparent way.
  • Provides one multi-channel communication solution designed specifically for financial services.
  • Offers latest gen technology, with attendant security, compliance, regulatory and real-time audit support that works with existing technology stack.

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 Nick Keegan – CEO


 Marcin Jernas – CTO


Pawel Jernas – Chief Product Officer


 Andrew O’Driscoll – UK COO


 Scott Bewley – IRE COO


Shane Woods – CFO


 Greg MacHale – Head of Business Development


 Imogen Gold – Head of Customer Success


 Ray McDonald – Senior Business Development Manager



  • Funding Stage N/A
  • Trading for 6-10 years
  • Employees 51-99
  • Sector RegTech
  • Valuation N/A

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