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Pulse Market is a cloud-based platform that is transforming the outdated, time-wasting, and costly procurement process into a simple, streamlined, and enjoyable process on a secure and resilient digital platform.

To simplify the procurement process Pulse Market is applying intelligent technology and AI while intuitively connecting ideal buyers and sellers to work efficiently together.

To streamline the process and increase efficiencies the Pulse Market platform hosts a range of time saving tools for buyers and sellers. From re-useable and customisable questionnaire templates for tenders, a Pulse Page to show case the business, instant vendor matching, asset depository for storing accreditations and certifications, ESG Passport and many more features.

To create an enjoyable experience our UX designers have created a beautifully designed user friendly interphase that works seamlessly with Pulse Platform’s intelligent technology behind the scenes.

For buyers Pulse Market is the place to:

  • Streamline the procurement process to save time searching for suppliers
  • Act smarter by managing all suppliers, stakeholders and responses in a single, secure place
  • Add favourite suppliers and discover exciting new vendors
  • Reduce the risk of new vendors not meeting expectations
  • Improve governance with a transparent audit trail
  • Be part of a sustainable and ethical way of doing business for good

For suppliers Pulse Market is the place to:

  • Showcase the business and attract the right buyers.
  • Stop wasting time or money pitching to the wrong businesses
  • Get your solution in front of the right person every time
  • Store your assets in a single and secure repository to respond quickly and easily
  • Compete on a level playing field
  • Be part of a sustainable and ethical way of doing business for good

Pulse Market is also delivering significant cost savings for buyers and sellers alike. We understand the everyday challenges of an outdated procurement process that rolls into weeks, then months, swallowing up time and money that we all agree could be better spent elsewhere on the business. That’s why we developed the Pulse Market tools in the first place to simplify and streamline the process for an enjoyable experience while doing business.

We want to do business better. That is why ESG (environment, social and governance) is at the core of what we do, and we are developing the platform to help businesses do good, together.

In the words of John Dowdall, Pulse Market’s Chief Revenue Officer:

“ESG is part of our DNA, as individuals and in how we’ve developed our business and the Pulse platform itself. We’re committed to operating responsibly, ethically and always, with the wider impact of our decisions at the forefront of our minds. We’ve built Pulse Market mindful of the growing focus on ESG, its critical role in the regulatory landscape and in partnership negotiations.”

You can learn more about Pulse Market, our tools and ESG Pledge at www.pulsemarket.com or get in touch with a member of our executive team for a live demo at exec@pulsemarket.com

Pulse Market began in a Dublin pub with 3 people sitting down together to set out a grand plan. The grand plan was to fix the broken world of procurement and become the force for doing good in business. Our three founders from the world of Reg Tech and financial services witnessed first-hand the challenges of buying and selling. They knew billions of pounds were wasted every year in a broken system.

Together, the founders, Michael O’Shea, John Dowdall and John Ellis applied their brain power and experience to solving the challenges of procurement for buyers and sellers. Their idea was to develop a cloud-based platform bringing buyers and sellers together for good. The founders were all in agreement that Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) values would be at the core of the business.

We are a naturally inquisitive team who are keen to listen and learn – traits that are key to the rapid development of the Pulse Market platform.

The natural next step for us to take was to validate and test the concept of Pulse Market and set up working user groups and host over 70 interviews. The group participants were leaders from the world of procurement, with a diverse range of backgrounds from a large, Tier One Edinburgh-based Asset Manager, a UK insurer, an Irish bank, a mix of FinTechs and marketing agencies. The purpose of the user groups and interviews was to allow the Pulse Market project team to ask questions and for the users to feedback their views while sharing their own experiences and challenges with people in similar roles.

Each member of the user group was selected to challenge our team, challenge the Pulse Market concept, and challenge the product features. Each participant brought a unique experience and perspective to the group. It was clear they shared the same challenges and pain points that Pulse Market’s tools addressed. Their conversations and insights sparked many more innovative ideas that the team are already working on and adding to Pulse Market.

Armed with their findings from the market validations and a detailed business plan the three founders approached investors. The seed funding round began in December 2020 and by the end of February the trio successfully raised over Eur500k and kickstarted the development of Pulse Market.

Fast forward a year and the founders plan is a reality – a cloud-based platform connecting buyers and sellers in a single, secure digital environment with a beautifully designed user experience. Pulse Market is live and welcoming companies on board.

We have the advantage of being an agile start-up ready to embrace intelligent technology to simplify an over complicated system for buyers and sellers. We started with a blank page and are building solid foundations by embedding ESG into our culture, unlike larger institutions attempting to retrofit ESG into their culture and values. That’s why in everything we do at Pulse Market we pledge to adhere to ESG in every way we do business. Taking it to the next level we want to help businesses access the tools and companies that can support their own commitment to ESG.

Our purpose is to make doing business enjoyable. It is what gets us motivated every day. We enjoy the interactions of people, the excitement of new business opportunities and building long-term sustainable relationships.

Today, our vision remains the same as it was on that first night in Dublin. We want to connect compatible businesses all over the globe, take the pain out of procurement and make our clients smile. The difference now, is Pulse Market is a reality with a dedicated team of 15 from around the globe and still growing. Our talented team are the best in class with a project manager from Croatia, back-end developers and UX software developers from Spain to Brazil, customer services and data analysts from Ireland and marketing and client servicing in Scotland.

If you would like to learn more visit www.pulsemarket.com or request a live demo at exec@pulsemarket.com


Michael was COO at MoneyMate, a regulatory funds data management firm. Prior to this, Michael was co-founder, joint-MD and CTO of Delta Index, an online financial trading firm. In both firms, Michael was responsible for the development of large-scale software platforms, with thousands of users, and large data volumes.

Michael enjoys running with his two sons and is a keen GAA fan, always dreaming of Cork becoming a force once again.



A Scotsman based in Edinburgh, John has a long career in Financial Services covering Asset Management, Insurance, Third Party Administrators and Retail Banking. John has run a few consultancy businesses since 2002 following a corporate career with Aegon and Deutsche Bank.

Excited to be back in “startup mode” with all the buzz, energy and drive to bring our vision to life. A huge B Corp ambitions means we are building a truly believer in belonging, collaboration and connection. My diverse international team making the journey more thrilling and exciting.

A soccer lover, dog lover and a doting grandad. There is never a dull moment in the Ellis house!



From Dublin, Ireland, John has worked in the funds industry for more than 25 years. In his early working life this was in financial services firms in the newly growing International Financial Services Centre in Dublin, with firms like Fortis (now BNP Paribas) Banque International a Luxembourg (now RBC) & Investors Bank & Trust (now State Street).

After that John Moved into the data and regtech market with SIX Financial & MoneyMate , where he created the regtech firm Silverfinch.



From the Scottish Borders originally, but moved to Edinburgh 27 years ago

I have been a designer since primary school! Background in design and typography, I moved into digital design and marketing in 1996.

I run and now own Scotland oldest design and marketing agency LEWIS Creative Consultants (48 years old)

Keen sports fan and love watching Rugby, Football or any sport

Whilst would love to do some more Triathlons (feel too old), I am still keen on running and cycling

Love nothing better than good food, good wine and good company



LA Boston emigrant in Dublin, Tim has a long career in financial services, including in senior executive positions at IBT (now State Street), BNY Mellon and DMS Governance.

More recently, Tim has focused on corporate finance and investing in & supporting start-up fintech firms. As our new Chairman, Tim is looking forward to challenging the senior team at Pulse and helping them to build a truly scalable, global success.

As an avid sports enthusiast, Tim is a loyal fan of his home-town teams of all stripes.


JOSEMA FERNANDEZ ROMERO Senior Full Stack Developer

Currently, living in Sevilla, Spain. Josema lived in Dublin for 4 years and has been coding since he was a teenager and 5 years professionally working for Verisk and Aon.

At Pulse Market, Josema is leading the Development Team and thankful for working with a team of great people that is helping him to do his job planning, building, organizing how and what’s the best way of developing and delivering Pulse Market.

Josema is deeply passionate about videogames as a player but also as a programmer, and can create worlds and mechanics as well as the artistry and storytelling side of gaming. He also loves sport, music ( almost every type) and is currently learning how to play the guitar.


NINA KRSTICEVIC Senior Product Analyst

Former Dublin resident for many years, Nina has moved back to her roots and is currently living in the city of Osijek, Croatia. Nina has worked with RegTech firm, CSS initially as a client service analyst and then as a Project Manager, where she was mentored by our own John Ellis.

Passionate about innovation and creative work (from big things such as building the Pulse Marketplace platform to making her own furniture and decorations). A keen cook who likes nothing more that baking and eating chocolate cake :).

Nina also loves to sing, dance and play, but only because she has a baby.

Nina previously worked with both John’s and Michael at CSS and is really looking forward to re-joining them in this exciting journey and creating a product that everyone will love.



A Corkonian stranded in Dublin, Cathal joins older brother, Michael for the 2nd time, having previously worked with him in Delta Index.

Cathal is a bit of a “start-up junkie”; he has worked at several smaller firms, including financial markets trading firm, Aldabra, and is very eager to roll up his sleeves at Pulse and to ensure our clients have a loud voice always in what we do!

He likes playing football, watching movies and has a new passion for all things Greek, fresh from recent nuptials to his Greek bride, Petra! Top of their list, once Covid allows, is to get to Greece for their deferred wedding celebration.


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  • Trading for <1 year
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Institutional tool
  • Valuation N/A

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