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Sonik Pocket integrates both online and offline learning to bring children to an understanding of financial principles over time. Using pocket money as an incentive to compete tasks such as room tidying or grass cutting will slowly teach children that their time has value.

Taking that value to the Sonik Pocket integrated shop will further develop the understanding of value but more importantly with relative free reign in the shop children will come to quickly to understand the consequences of spending their money. Buy something cheap right now means you can’t purchase the bike at the end of the month, or spending it on a bouncy ball you don’t need means you can’t buy a new pencil for school.

All of these lessons are complimented with the integrated educational content that we have. Starting by teaching children the maths skills they will need in order to fully understand money we aim to expand this education to many other useful subjects.

At the end of the day the most important cog in the Sonik Pocket machine are the parents, we provide them with the tools and techniques to help engage with their children about money and through their children possibly become better money manager themselves


Sonik Pocket was created to fill a need in society. In the UK, per adult, the average debt was £30,698 (August 2018). Currently, 68% of 6-12-year-olds struggle with mental arithmetic which is, after all, the most fundamental skill essential for the effective management of money on a day to day basis.

Over the last few years we have been conducting research on the best methods for ensuring these vital lessons are understood and engaging for children. We learned from personal experience through our families that young children have instant access to entertainment or information rarely do the access both at the same time, but most importantly that the concept of money whether paper, coin or plastic remains foreign to them for a long time. Leading to surprise bills for parents through gaming and next day one-click-purchases

Parents have enough on their shoulders to tackle this alone and schools are ill-equipped to add yet another subject to the curriculum. With 71% of children having access and being highly capable of using a tablet device this is where we established our point of impact for the financial education of children.

We are currently a team of two utilizing a cohort of mentors and consultants to help bring our vision into reality.


Usman Yaseen is the visionary and the leader with decades of experience in working and running soft-play centres for children, understanding a key component of our intended customers as well as a breadth of technical experience in web applications and mobile devices.


Ross Thompson is the architect, having 10 years experience in engineering and servicing working as a trouble-shooter for a small manufacturing company training service teams around the world, he understands complex systems and the science of learning.


Both members of the team have large families with very young children and have used that personal connection to aim to build a product that will help the members of their family grow and learn as well as all the other families that could use Sonik Pocket.


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Personal Finance
  • Valuation N/A

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