Stafford Railway Building Society Embraces Climate Innovation with PropEco Partnership

UK-based Stafford Railway Building Society (SRBS) just announced a strategic partnership with Scottish fintech PropEco. This collaboration marks a significant step in SRBS's journey to enhance its mortgage portfolio's resilience against climate change.


Climate-Conscious Financing

This partnership with PropEco, who provides climate and energy data solutions, represents SRBS's commitment to integrating climate risks into its financial decision-making process. PropEco's suite of data-driven tools and services will empower SRBS to better assess and manage both current and future climate-related risks.


Joining Forces for a Sustainable Future

The collaboration is more than just a business transaction; it's a shared vision to make a tangible impact. Together, SRBS and PropEco aim to explore opportunities that benefit SRBS members. They plan to offer insights on energy efficiency and increase climate resilience, crucial areas in today's rapidly changing environmental landscape.


Chris Hardman, Co-founder and CEO of PropEco, said:

‘We are delighted to be working with SRBS, which has consistently demonstrated that it is both forward-thinking and fully engaged when it comes to modelling and developing its understanding of the impacts of climate change. We look forward to working with the team to identify further opportunities and deliver additional value for its Members.’

Chris Reid, Finance Director at SRBS, said:

‘Over the past six months we have been working closely with PropEco to support our aim for a more comprehensive set of climate and energy performance data across a broad range of metrics. This is an area which will continue to evolve and we very pleased to be working with PropEco, in particular the flexibility, responsiveness and data coverage that PropEco offers really sets its solution apart. We look forward to building a successful partnership over the coming years’.


Learn More and Get Involved

For those interested in learning more about this innovative partnership or the solutions offered by PropEco, visit or reach out to the team at