Revolutionising Access to Unlisted UK Equities: JP Jenkins and Winterflood Securities’ Game-Changing Collaboration

In a recent announcement, JP Jenkins and Winterflood Securities have revealed their gnew collaboration, set to reshape the landscape of unlisted UK equities trading.

This partnership will interest family offices, institutional wealth managers, sophisticated private investors, and their broker intermediaries, as it simplifies access to this traditionally complex asset class.

Alex Skrine, Director at Winterflood Securities, believes that this collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the world of unlisted stocks. He says,

"For too long, it has been too complicated for many intermediaries and their underlying investors to gain access to unlisted UK equities. As more and more companies are choosing to remain private for longer, reform here is long overdue, which is why we believe this collaboration can drive a step change in the popularity of unlisted stocks."


The journey towards this collaboration began in early 2023 when JP Jenkins was acquired by InfinitX, a Scottish fintech that powers private marketplaces. By leveraging innovative technologies, InfinitX seamlessly integrates with JP Jenkins, facilitating the electronic routing of order flow onto their platform for execution and settlement.

Mike McCudden, CEO of InfinitX, highlights the significance of this announcement:

"Today’s news validates the strength of the technology we have built, enabling any private marketplace to connect using existing trading infrastructures. As we have seen with the JP Jenkins and Winterflood Securities integration, our solution allows venues to dramatically scale their distribution without counterparties needing to make any significant technology investment to gain access."


One of the key advantages of this collaboration is its ability to leverage existing market infrastructure to place orders in unlisted securities and settle trades via CREST. This innovative approach significantly reduces the cost and complexity associated with transactions in this asset class.

The integration primarily harnesses Winterflood’s existing trading infrastructure and direct client distribution channels to route order flow through the InfinitX API. This seamless process ensures that executions are returned through the same efficient workflow.

Veronika Oswald, Commercial Director at JP Jenkins said:

"Investors are increasingly seeing unlisted assets as providing a valuable way to diversify a portfolio. This collaboration revolutionizes the ease of distribution for unlisted stocks."