Why fintech Hubb Insure chose Glasgow

When we set about building our business one of the first questions we look at was the location, what was important to us?

Hubb firstly was a challenger to the commercial insurance space, built on modern management structures and a technology stack, built around flexibility and efficiency, our objectives where simple, cheaper more efficient solutions for our clients, happier more focused staff.

Homeworking was always going to be a major part of the mix, but we still needed a base for a head office and training, so we landed on London, Manchester or Glasgow.

London- The heart of the global insurance market, great public transport and connections all over the city, very expensive everything!

Manchester- Cheaper than London, two hours on the train from London, local public transport not so great.

Glasgow- Great flight links to London, good public transport, Scottish Enterprise are great to deal with.


When we had these discussions, it became clear that Glasgow was the perfect home for Hubb over and above the obvious, we have sourced local partners and found that the skill sets in sales, marketing and flexible office space in Glasgow a real positive.