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Hubb was formed by executives in the market, identified that these was a real hole in the market, which needs exploited. Insurance brokers have become larger and larger through acquisition and this has resulted in larger and larger commission deals. Hubb has been sculpted to deliver a much slicker and quicker way of executing commercial insurance clients, automating all but the advisory functions. At the core of Hubb is an ethos of delivering tailored insurance programmes, where you only pay for what you need. Our unique technology ecosystem allows our clients to see each step of the process, from start to finish, in-build security enables the smooth transfer of our clients data. Hubb supports our clients by providing best in breed advice and insurance professionals.

                                            THE THREE PILLARS OF HUBB


Built for the client

Speaking the truth and showing it, builds legitamacy. To often insurance purchasing is opaque, Hubb is a client first business and our success is built on the principal of delivering clear benefit to you. As rule we only earn the same commission from all of the insurers we deal with, to avoid conflicts of interests, and our clients can see each interaction we have with the insurers, through there unique client page.

​All our calls are recorded using bespoke technology and transcripts of all our communications are published to your portal



Ready for Anything

Hubb is an essenital ingredient in our clients security. Security comes in many forms, from encrypted passwords to padlocks on bike sheds. Our ecosystem provides encyrpted manangement of all your details to enure the data we hold is secure.

We also provide you with claims security, that all our calls are record and transcripted, ensures that when claims occur, you the client, Hubb and the insurer have full sight of every point of contact, making everything clear.



Putting the client at the centre of what we do

It’s important to keep yourself protected, however we feel that the traditional broker model elongates the process. Hubb’s technology will allow our clients to access a secure portal that will enable them to start the claims process and make policy adjustments by the push of a button. We believe that the current process of calling a broker, waiting for call backs, call que’s is antiquated, costs our clients time and money and is completley unessesary.


Our story began in 2020 when Mark Costello, our CEO, Founded Hubb Insure. Mark had became increasingly frustrated with the Commerical Insurance sector as he witnessed a progressive decline in service levels, while commission levels grew exponentially.

Hubb had 3 founding principals,

  • Transparency
  • Efficency
  • Security


While Hubb was registered a business in 2020, the planning and preparation for the business started in early 2019. Mark was able to secure partnerships with key bodies to enable Hubb to start trading as soon as the business was registered. As Hubb operates in a regulated market there was many moving parts to put in place before the business could get the “green light” and become a proper entity.

Hubb exists because even as technologies such as machine learning, data analytics and cloud computing have advanced, the task of delivering tailored insurance programmes to business users has remained extremely challenging and time consuming. Hubb has the technologies, skill set and drive to fill this void.

Mark Costello – Founder – CEO

Mark Costello started his insurance life as a graduate trainee at RSA before holding senior roles in some of the UK’s largest insurance broking house as well as at some regional brokers. Most of his career has been spent in Sales and marketing leadership roles and in product and distribution design roles.

Kristian Feldborg – Founder – CTO

Kristian Feldborg is an expert deliverer of software with 20 years’ experience as a developer, architect and manager. Kristian is a founder and CEO of Vesuvio Labs, an InsurTech studio with 30+ engineers developing insurance platforms for start-ups and incumbents. Prior to that Kristian worked as an executive consultant and has been engaged by the Chairman’s committee of the John Lewis Partnership, Next Plc ExCo (reporting to the CEO Lord Simon Wolfson) and lead the team that created the Fenergo RegTech platform.

John Costello – Founder/Sales Director

John Costello is an experienced sales leader, having spent 20 years in sales the majority of this in Media sales. John took those media sales skills to a new tech start up, Swipii and helped build the message, sales process and marketing message, to a now rapidly growing business.


Sean Neil Non Exec Chairman

Advisor Sean is an insurance veteran of 40 years, he exited Policy Shop in 2014 having formed the business from scratch and it was £34m of Premium on his exit.


  • Funding Stage Pre-seed
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Insurance
  • Valuation £2m - £3m

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