We have created a platform that incorporates all the tools you need to run your insolvency or debt management firm. From customer relationship management, automated document generation, case administration, creditor communication, banking and cashiering automation, file management and much more. All within a compliant environment.

You can upload document templates or make use of Hubsolv’s extensive insolvency and debt management templates.
HubSolv comes loaded with up to date SIPs and compliant documentation for IVAs, Trust Deeds, sequestrations and corporate cases. We work closely with regulatory bodies and consultancy services to ensure HubSolv comes with all the documents you need to administer a case from start to finish.

We created an environment that lets your team thrive. HubSolv is packed with collaborative and productivity enhancing tools to ensure cases run smoothly.


Ibby is a consumer facing, mobile friendly application that makes on-boarding your customers easy.
Ibby allows those applying for credit to complete the application process quicker than ever before and can automate the requirements gathering process entirely. It is a complete loan management platform that accelerates on-boarding and helps increase sales.

Ibby can pull your customers credit bureau data to help you make accurate decisions on someone’s credit worthiness. Your customers will simply receive access to Ibby and consent to this information being sent back to your company.

Ibby provides Live chat with automated responses. Use ibby to contact your clients and perform financial due diligence on applicants within minutes. The automated chat responses can be configured to suit the information gathering process for each individual company.
Prime features include live chat to connect in real-time with visitors and customers, a unified inbox integrating multiple communication channels, and sales and support platform integrated with user tasks.

The new software also includes powerful workflows for automating repetitive tasks and communication, including marketing drip campaigns.

The team at Ibby foresees the platform will help to promote repeat business and facilitate communication with customers. Fraser Hamilton, co-founder of HubSolv, said: “we want to provide businesses with the opportunity to capitalise on new messaging solutions which change the way businesses interact with their customers.”

The startup said that the software’s features can help companies improve sales through quicker sales cycles and powerful automations. “As a SaaS team ourselves, we know first-hand the struggles that sales and support teams deal with. Ibby can help customers reach the right teams while enabling agents to provide better support, with real-time messaging and an interface that gives full context of every customer.”


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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