Smardaten is the global leader for the 4th generation of bigdata powered enterprise-class NoCode technology. Uniquely equipped with seamlessly integrated bigdata platform, BI and analytics with application construction modules, the platform leverages intelligent data empowered auto-modelling to shorten software development lead time from 1-2 years to 3-6 weeks, with very few junior staff and minimum training.

It serves as a generic tool for multiple use cases in all industries. Smardaten is one of the fastest growing high tech companies in China backed by Sequoia and is the 1st in China being selected by AWS GSP program, globally only 90 out of 3000 tech companies being selected. It’s also the official data solution provider for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Founded by a team of top programmers amongst 80,000 programmers in Huawei (amongst official top 10 ranked programmers year on year), Smardaten brought to the world a cutting-edge technology of data-driven NoCode, with a unique system of seamlessly integrated bigdata platform with AI enabled BI and data analytics and application constructing module, creating a powerful data value self-growing inner eco system.

Amongst many hundreds of lowcode /nocode companies in the world, 95% use 1st generation of template-drive technology, which are inflexible and restricted by pre-set templates. Around 20-30 companies provide 2nd-3rd generation of Model-driven mechanism to build applications and workflows, however human-built models cannot be easily modified as modelling involves vast amount of data logical links. Only the 4th generation of data-driven NoCode can provide data auto-modelling which does not require human intervention and modelling can be broken down and rebuilt on the go according to any changes or new requirements on the front end.

This mechanism and architecture helps to effectively reduce software development time by 75% and cost reduced by 70%+, with minimum training and no programming skills required.

Another two critical values provided by Smardaten technology are: 1. Removes data silos 2. Close the gap between business users and IT. According to McKinsey 2021 report and Gartner’s 2018 report, 85% digitalization projects failed. These two factors are actually the main failure factors for any digitalization projects. Smardaten can effectively eliminate these two vital failure factors to ensure very high success rate for any digitalization projects.

Therefore Smardaten’s vision is to make data deliver value fastest possible, our mission is to deliver data value for everyone

Smardaten was founded in 2016 by a core founding team who carry a glorious background as top 10 ranked programmers in Huawei throughout many years. Then they all rose up to top management executive positions and then left Huawei to work for another leading conglomerate internet group 360 as top executives.

The company was founded on the basis of being able to accomplish a very complex large public company’s digital projects with a fraction of originally planned time, revealing a fact that this technology can be commercialized into a highly sharp front end software platform to enable many digitalization transformation projects.

Founder and chairman of Smardaten, Mr Hong Mu who was then SVP of 360 the leading internet group in China, was the original angel investor through his personal investment company. On the found B funding, Sequoia joined and became the lead investor.

Smardaten has since delivered over 300 successful projects with its platform across over 10 vertical sectors: Public sector, Energy and Utility, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Financial Services, Telecom, Manufacturing, Automobile.

Smardaten has also joined forces with some heavy weight strategic partners such as Honeywell for iot technology and industrial platform, Accenture, Huawei, Geely Auto (with Geega which is Geely’s high tech subsidiary), Alibaba to name a few. Smardaten has started its international development since early 2022 and signed a strategic partnership with the leading cloud provider Virtual Vision as its primary distributor for GCC region, Virtual Vision is a subsidiary of Aramco, the global leader in oil and gas industry

Mr Hong Mu Founder and Chairman (previously Huawei’s top Programmer and then SVP for Bigdata division)


Mr Ciao Lew Founder and CEO (previously Huawei’s top Programmer and then VP for middleware)


Mr Adam Cao Founder and COO (Management school Dean for Nan Jing University)

Mr Ren Kang Wang Chief Architect (previously Huawei’s chief data scientist)


Ms Shan You (SVP and Managing Director for International Division, previously Accenture Paris executive and Sykam Solutions ltd founder in UK)


  • Funding Stage Series C
  • Trading for 6-10 years
  • Employees 200-500
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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