Based in Edinburgh, iDelta is a data analytics solution provider, providing data driven insights to the Financial Services sector. iDelta design bespoke dashboards for banks to monitor all aspects of business and infrastructure performance from payment card fraud analytics to the customer journey for loan applications, as well as Open Banking monitoring.

iDelta can help you gain operational and business insights, correlating data from many disparate data sources in order to provide real-time answers.

iDelta has recently launched an Open Banking Insights app allowing ASPSPs to monitor and analyse TPP and customer interactions with their Open Banking API. The app has been well received by existing customers, providing insights to multiple stakeholders such as commercial teams, fraud analysts, IT Operations and digital service teams.

iDelta have enabled their financial services clients to gain insight into all of their customer’s digital interactions across mobile, web and api channels.  iDelta see great potential in taking their expertise, gained at some of the UK’s largest banks, into the fintech sector enabling smaller companies to enjoy the data-driven insights enjoyed by their existing customer base.

The founders of iDelta, Stuart Robertson and James Campbell, have worked at the cutting edge of technological innovation in financial services, racking up a combined experience of over 40 years, and have played an important role in digital transformation from the early days of internet banking.


For twenty years iDelta have been providing technical services to their Financial Services customers. Born out of the market requirement for enterprise class Unix and Web skills, needed to deliver the nascent Internet Banking technology stacks, iDelta have worked through every major development on the financial services digital journey. iDelta are now focussed on delivering data driven insights using Splunk.

The founders of iDelta met while working on a project to deliver an enterprise class Internet Banking system for Bank of Scotland. Initially led by IBM this international team delivered an Internet Banking stack that stood the test of time, running for over ten years and only being replaced after the LBG takeover. iDelta provided what would now be known as Devops skills, working within a development team optimising the server build, code delivery, software stack configuration and troubleshooting development, test and production issues. Over time iDelta continued to help with the development of this platform, helping to integrate features such as two-factor authentication and faster payments. Many of our Bank of Scotland and HBOS contacts from those days continue to be both friends and customers.

Since the early 2000’s iDelta have been a supplier to Royal Bank of Scotland. iDelta have continually supplied resource to RBS from then until now. Key early projects included helping RBS stand up their IBM WebSphere platform, facilitating an enterprise scale roll-out of browser-based Internet and Intranet applications, transforming how RBS delivered applications both externally and internally.

Through contacts made during Bank of Scotland and HBOS projects, iDelta were invited to become a supplier to Tesco Bank to help with the migration off RBS platforms following the buyout by Tesco plc of the RBS share in the joint venture that was Tesco Personal Finance. iDelta have helped Tesco Bank deliver, optimise and maintain a number of key platforms in their technology stack.

Since 2014 iDelta have focussed on delivering data analytics solutions based around the Splunk big data platform. iDelta have partnered with CodeClan to help build a diverse team in order to satisfy the growing demand for their services and solutions. iDelta have delivered many data-driven solutions for their customers in that time, helping them analyse:

  • API usage, such as Open Banking
  • payment volumes
  • card fraud
  • IT system health
  • ATM networks

In 2020 iDelta launched their Open Banking Insights application providing banks and building societies with a drop-in application that provides IT operational, fraud and commercial insights into the usage of their Open Banking API.

iDelta are a Premier Splunk partner based in Edinburgh.


Stuart Robertson
Stuart Robertson is the Consulting Director at iDelta. He is one of the initial founders of iDelta and has worked there since formation in 2001. Stuart holds various certifications in Core Splunk and ITSI. Stuart also holds a Bsc(Hons) in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow.


James Campbell
James is a Director at iDelta and has worked there since its formation in 2001. Having worked in IT for more than he cares to remember, James has found himself in a variety of consultancy roles from application performance management to systems architecture.
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