New identity verification standards for new home sales

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) has announced the launch of new and updated customer identity verification (IDV) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks following a successful 3-month consultation period run by Etive. The new process aims to improve the customer experience and align with emerging Government legislation and standards.

The HBF's new process aims to eliminate the need for customers to show their ID separately to different parties throughout the purchase journey, reducing frustrations, costs, delays, and errors in the process. Customers will only have to prove their ID once during the home buying process.

The HBF consulted with 84 HBF members who responded to the survey, and one-to-one in-depth interviews were conducted with a range of different sized builders across the membership groups. The consultation helped the HBF develop an industry-centered set of rules that reflect good practices amongst home builders and ensure alignment to planned Government legislation.

The consultation's output has led to the development of two new standards that go over and above the standards set out by DSIT to facilitate the selling of a home. The new standards are compliant with the DIATF and the HM Land Registry 'safe harbour'.

Steve Turner, Executive Director of the HBF, said, "The new procedures are a huge step forward that will benefit both businesses and our customers and reduce delays, costs, and the opportunity for errors." Stuart Young of Etive said, "A standard for IDV and AML will drive the industry towards higher standards, reducing the likelihood of money laundering and ID/property fraud, which can only benefit the sector, buyers, and the UK economy."

The HBF is holding an online industry briefing session on Wednesday the 22nd March at 3 pm to provide further information on the new process. Those interested in attending can email Stuart at to receive details.

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