Edinburgh is a data analytics platform for financial inclusion. Financial institutions use Inbest to identify, understand and support vulnerable customers!

At some point in our lives, most of us will be financially vulnerable, our ambition is to reduce financial vulnerability by improving the financial security, resilience and capability of our communities. We partner with financial firms, financial inclusion organisations, research institutions and consumer groups to build data-driven solutions to identify financial vulnerability for early intervention and help people to manage their personal finances.

Inbest is a modular platform that powers customer analytics platforms, financial management apps and offers the following features:

  • Customer segmentation: Inbest allows financial institutions to segment customers based on their personal circumstances, financial situation, behaviours and needs. Banks can define vulnerable segments, uncover early warning signs of financial vulnerability, and identify vulnerable customers.
  • Customer insights: Inbest transforms raw banking data into a holistic picture of every customer. Banks use Inbest to understand the financial situation and needs of vulnerable customers, diagnose the sources of financial vulnerability, and develop solutions to improve their financial wellbeing.
  • Customer engagement: Inbest explores the support available for vulnerable customers from government, regional and local authorities. Banks use Inbest to help customers to access all support available to them and recommend products and services based on their specific needs.

We believe that Open Data is going to turn the relationship between consumers, corporations and governments upside down! We help our customers to lead the way on Open Banking, the first stepping stone in the wider Open Data movement.


Manuel Peleteiro founded Inbest in January 2017 after working as a consultant in the wealth management & insurance digital lab at a large financial provider. During this project, Manuel oversaw the procurement process of a wealth management platform, but existing solutions failed to meet the requirements of project stakeholders, financial advisers and target customers.

The main complaint was that existing platforms were specialised on just one aspect of financial planning (i.e. day-to-day financial management, protection insurance or goal-based financial planning) and did not provide an integrated approach towards personal financial management. Moreover, data management processes were inefficient and Financial Advisers spend up to 5 hours gathering and analysing the personal and financial data of each client. Finally, these applications helped neither customer nor advisers to monitor their financial plans according to changes in their personal circumstances and financial situation.

Manuel saw the market opportunity leverage Open Banking and Pension Dashboard regulations together with the latest advances on data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide an integrated and continuous service for personal financial management.

Inbest is now implemented by a wealth management platform and several money management applications in Spain supporting over 3.000 active users. Moreover, Inbest data analytics application has analysed over 300M banking transactions of more than 100.000 customer. Inbest has also won several awards including Scottish Enterprise SMART R&D innovation grant, Datalab Industrial doctorate and Royal Society of Edinburgh fellowship.


Manuel Peleteiro is in charge of product design and business development. Before, Manuel was product owner at Moody’s Analytics, where he oversaw software systems for goal-based financial planning and strategic asset allocation. Before he was FS consultant at Accenture, is a CFA charterholder and former member of the Society of Actuaries.

Bronius Baniulis is in charge of building and maintaining the software platform. Before, Bronius was a software engineer at J.P. Morgan AM where he built an automated investment system for peer-to-peer loans and a system for customer onboarding including KYC and AML.

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  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Data/Analytics
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