Next Stop Japan: Apply for the Tokyo Financial Award 2020

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government established the Tokyo Financial Award in 2018, aiming at nurturing financial players and contributing to solving social issues through finance. From digitalizing the banking experience, providing cybersecurity solutions, offering easy comparisons between financers to making the most of data intelligence, you might have the solution Tokyo is looking for!

The Tokyo Financial Award recognizes financial companies developing and providing innovative financial instruments and services that help meet the needs of Tokyo residents, or working to promote socially impactful investments.

This is the best gateway to enter the Tokyo market. It has two award categories:


Financial Innovation Category

Awards financial technology companies providing innovative financial products and services that contribute to specific needs and challenges of residents and companies in Tokyo.

10 companies will be selected to go through a support program, where local industry experts will mentor your team and matching your startup with major Japanese companies. This is also a great opportunity to access new funds and sales channels, with great exposure to key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem in Tokyo.

This contest will allow you to gain visibility in the Japanese ecosystem, meet potential business partners and perhaps win the 10M Yen cash prize!

You can find the list of challenges here and the application form here.

The application deadline is September 11th and the final award ceremony will take place in February 2021.


Investment Category

  • ESG Investment – Awards financial companies that are promoting unique ESG Investments. Applicants will select up to 5 activities and up to 3 related themes for each activity that the business is particularly committed to.
  • SDGs Initiatives – Financial and non-financial companies will select up to one activity and up to 3 goals related to the activity, out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) published by the United Nations.

The application deadline is 16th October and the award will be given in February 2021.


“ Japan is emerging as a key player in the Global Fintech landscape, showing the right market features to promote massive technological disruption in the financial sector. Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been working to create the right environment to promote international business practices and innovation – relaxing regulations, providing free tailored support to foreign companies, and building the right living environment to welcome entrepreneurs from across the world. “

Max Berre, Economist expert in Japanese Fintech


“Japan is a huge financial market and inbound travel market, so the business potential for us is big. Winning the Tokyo Financial Award allowed Fly Money to explore the right opportunities. Accenture introduced us to the largest financial institutions in Japan - Mizuho, Mitsubishi, Rakuten and many others; as well as the largest travel companies. It also gave us the chance to search the right local representative to create strong relationships with partners and build trust, essential aspects of doing business in Japan. “

Tal Ekroni, CEO & Co-founder of Fly Money Technologies, Winner Tokyo Financial Award 2019


Feel free to write to the London representative, Maria, who will be able to answer all your questions and help you apply, you can find her at Best of luck!