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07 Dec

Virtual event


Join Glasgow City of Science and Innovation and the CAN DO Innovation Event Programme for this exclusive webinar, as they delve into the critical insights Philip has gained from decades of experience advising clients across various tech-based industries. Discover the top 10 pitfalls that can lead to startup failure and, more importantly, gain access to the proven "antidotes" that will set your venture on the path to success.

20 Mar

Dynamic Earth Edinburgh

9.30am - 4pm

Holyrood Connect’s annual Public Sector Data Summit will return to Edinburgh on 20 March 2024. The use of data in digital technologies within the public sector has skyrocketed in recent years. It is crucial that we understand how to maximise its potential to help us make informed decisions and deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers. Through a variety of session formats, including keynote addresses, panel discussions and interactive masterclasses, the event will provide real-life examples of data use within the public sector for you to learn from.

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