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06 Nov

10am - 4pm

Covid-19 is the first pandemic to be tackled by a truly data-driven approach, with real-time information at the heart of life-or-death decisions throughout the crisis. How did Government, health services and other public bodies collaborate - often at great speed - to inform those decisions? What lessons have we learned to help us emerge from the pandemic and ensure we share and analyse data more effectively in future?

16 Nov

The Women in Tech World Series Online Festival will unite 10,000+ female tech professionals and diversity advocates from across the globe. The week-long festival will be a celebration of the power of resilience of female tech professionals as we unite to define and transform what it means to be a Woman in Tech in the post COVID era.

04 Dec

The Enjoyable Life Series – What’s Your Story? London Conference

The Passage Carlisle Place Victoria London SW1P 1NL

9am - 5.30pm

Join Yetunde Hofmann and another awesome 12 Storytellers - people from all walks of life and backgrounds - who will share their story of life and insights from a place of who they are not what they do or have.

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