Securing the Scottish fintech community

There are roughly 1,300 cyber-attacks* a week targeting the local fintech startups and large financial institutions.

In fact, 25 percent of all malware attacks are aimed at banks and other financial services organisations – surpassing all other industries.

By partnering with FinTech Scotland, we aim to equip the Scottish fintech firms with the right tools and support that you need to ensure cyber-security is deeply embedded within your business in these challenging times and beyond.

How we can support?

By joining forces with Fintech Scotland, we are keen to provide essential education and training and contribute to the cyber-security education of various organisations in the fintech Scotland’s network, building a secure fintech community.

We will be also offering fintech SMEs cyber-security ‘start-up packs’ which include a suite of Check Point solutions to help the startup community to protect their businesses against cyber threats targeting networks, cloud deployments and mobile devices.

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Building a Secure FinTech Community in Scotland

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Your FinTech Security Starter Pack will:

Block-unknown threats

Why: Attacks from unknown threats pose critical risks to businesses and are the hardest to prevent. The Fintech Security Starter Pack can reduce the risk of unknown attacks by implementing a prevent-first approach.

Prevent the most imminent threats to the endpoint

Why: The latest trend in ransomware attacks combines encryption of the victim’s files with threats to publish stolen confidential information unless ransom demands are met. This trend is now practiced by most major ransomware cyber actors, and potentially turns every ransomware attack into a data breach. This is why you need a solution that identifies ransomware behaviors such as file-encryption or attempts to compromise operating system backups, and safely restore ransomware-encrypted files automatically.

Create a mobile safe environment

Why: In the new normal, while employees are increasingly accessing corporate data from their smartphones, your corporate data is exposed to breaches more than ever. Over the past few months, researchers at Check Point have been observing a rise in the number of mobile-related attacks as well as entirely new attack methods such as sophisticated mobile ransomware, and MDMs getting weaponized to attack organisations.

Prevent cyber security attacks in your multi-cloud environment

Why? Whether it is through cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities, direct attacks on cloud service providers or by taking advantage of misconfiguration and users errors, the cloud continues to be a lucrative target for threat actors especially in the post-Corona world.

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