The University of Edinburgh

As a founding partner of Fintech Scotland, the University of Edinburgh is a key player in the Scottish Fintech ecosystem.

The evolution of fintech is replacing and refreshing many aspects of traditional banking. Technological advances and new regulations have substantially altered how financial services are and will be delivered. Innovative businesses are taking advantage of fintech to develop new services that give consumers more choice about how they manage their money. The disruptive nature of fintech has also led to new and important ethical, legal and security challenges.

As one of the world’s leading universities, situated in the UK’s second largest financial services centre after London, the University of Edinburgh is working in partnership with companies across the sector.

University’s Leading Fintech Role

The University is a founding member of FinTech Scotland and was named Financial Technology Partner of the Year at the 2019 Scottish FinTech Awards, in recognition of initiatives and engagement with financial services and fintech companies.

In June 2020 the Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence, hosted at the University, was awarded £22.5 million from the UK Government. As one of seven UK recipients of major Strength in Places funding across all sectors, the award recognises Edinburgh’s national leadership in finance innovation.

Of particular relevance to the financial sector is the University’s leading role in the Data-Driven Innovation programme of the £1.3 billion Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal and the creation of Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI). The Institute connects researchers from across a range disciplines to address major industry challenges, and has a particular focus on the application and use of fintech. Our academics are developing interdisciplinary research to address societal challenges and explore new business models linked to the delivery of financial services. Working with partners in fintech and financial services we aim to develop solutions to address business challenges.

The University of Edinburgh

Key Areas of Expertise

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain, Distributed Systems and Cryptocurrencies

Data Science, Data Analytics and Data Visualisation

Data Ethics and Privacy


Statistics and Optimisation

Credit Risk, Scoring and Modelling

Asset Pricing and Investment

Financial Markets and Trading

Sustainable Finance

Financial Inclusion

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Design and Technology Adoption

Natural Language Processing

Ways to Engage

There are many ways to collaborate with our academic experts, depending on both current innovation needs and future aspirations of your company.  The channels of engagement range from short term consultancy work, collaborative innovation projects, company-based Fintech PhD programme, through to ambitious long term innovation partnerships, that involve substantial commitment and involvement from the University and partner businesses.

Fintech Talent

The University supplies a rich pipeline of talent to help businesses, both locally and globally, grow their fintech capabilities, and has ambitious plans to increase our impact and help make Edinburgh the Data Capital of Europe. As one of the world’s leading Universities we produce over 1,000 graduates a year in data science, and over 300 in Finance and Innovation. We supply a rich pipeline of talent to help businesses, both locally and globally, grow their Fintech capabilities.

Our MSc in Finance, Technology & Policy is a unique degree applying the core principles of finance with practical skills in programming, machine learning and big data analysis within a problem-based learning framework to help students develop the skillsets that are relevant for Fintech roles of today and the future.We also develop Fintech talent across our wider programme portfolio, which includes specialist degrees in:

  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Banking & Risk
  • Finance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Informatics
  • Design Informatics
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Financial Modelling & Optimization
  • Computational Mathematical Finance


Students of MSc Fintech (MSc in Finance, Technology & Policy) and many of our other specialist degrees undertake industry research and consultancy projects as part of their studies. It is a great opportunity to engage with our students and receive a dedicated piece of work including a rigorous academic report, and a business-focused analysis and summary for practical purposes.


To find out more or discuss new opportunities, please contact our dedicated Financial Services and Fintech Sector Engagement Manager, Ksenia Siedlecka.


tel: 07969 486 295