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Performing background checks on prospective employees is costly, takes time and involves wasted effort. Background checks can take up to 8 weeks in certain industries, costing, on average, £100, and checks are unnecessarily repeated even though previous employers have undertaken the same checks.

Employers and job seekers are unnecessarily put at disadvantage.



APPII assists job seekers pre-verify their career history and easily capture the participation in lifelong learning.

Employers can request job candidates to perform background checks easily and quickly through the APPII mobile app.

Utilising blockchain technology ensures that any verification of career history is only undertaken once. Job seekers can reuse captured and verified information in subsequent background checks diminishing the time and effort for both them and employers.


Unique Selling Point

Performing background checks via APPII is simpler, quicker and cheaper because of two key things:

  1. We place candidates in control of the process, enabling them to store and manage the information that satisfies background checks. This makes it quicker and simpler for the candidate, and easier and cheaper for the employer
  2. We verify information provided by the candidate using blockchain technology. This means that the information can be trusted by future employers who wish to view pre-verified candidates



Employee background screening has a global addressable market of ~£2.5bn, increasing to an estimated £4bn by 2025. In the U.K. the addressable market is estimated to be £225m.

This coupled with the forecast mobile identity management addressable market (~£25bn) provides a sizeable marketplace for APPII to offer its products and services to.


Business Model

SaaS – Background Screening (per check): Employers, or staffing and recruitment companies, pay to perform background checks on job candidates and to view pre-verified information regarding job candidates.

SaaS – Micro Accreditation (per verified user):Organisations (e.g. Training providers) pay to assist employees, students or organisation members capture and verify micro accreditation.

The APPII team has extensive experience across multiple sectors.

Gary, our MD, has 20 years international experience in senior roles across media, financial services, telecommunications and consulting.


Adi, the brains behind the tech, is a renowned blockchain expert who has also built a successful blockchain development consultancy.


Brianis a senior executive who built and sold a staffing and recruitment firm and is a recognised expert in blockchain technology.


  • Funding Stage Post-seed
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector RegTech
  • Valuation N/A

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