Caseblocks is a universal claims automation platform suitable to insurance companies, claims management firms, fleet operators and claims departments inside any organisation requiring automated claims processing from initial capture through to claim decision and settlement.

Caseblocks is for organisations wishing to transform their claims experience and targets important operational business measures such as reduction in turn-around time, processing-cost per claim, increases in straight through processing and benefit leakage containment.


Caseblocks Core

Caseblocks Core is an enterprise case management platform which can support end-to-end processing of any business processes. Core is based on concepts around Adaptive Case Management and provides tools for the business user to rapidly assemble of case templates and work queues, along with integration tools for the developer to support the sharing of policy and customer data between Caseblocks and policy administration systems, CRM systems websites and mobile applications.


Caseblocks Claims

Caseblocks Claims is an application built into, and shipping with Core, using the same configuration tools from the underlying platform. As an accelerator for claims automation of any type, Claims acts as an advanced starting point for an implementation project, reducing the time to first solution.

Together, Core and Claims offer the following key features:

  • Templates for Life and General Insurance claims
  • Mobile app for First Notification of Loss application of vehicles accidents, integrated with Caseblocks
  • A standard claim process involving common stages and automation
  • Integrated email handling with branded templates and AI-driven sentiment analysis
  • Configurable rules engine for automated claim assessing
  • No-code configuration tools for template customisation
  • Timeline-based audit trails for all claim activity
  • User management and granular permissions model for data and task access
  • Configurable service levels to control any type of process behaviour when time is important
  • Integration to Google address and mapping services
  • Export and Import functions for bringing data into and out of Caseblocks
  • GraphQL APIs for fast integration between Caseblocks, policy administration systems and customer facing applications
  • JavaScript development environment for deep claims automation and integration with existing systems


Current development priorities ready for early adoption include metrics capture and KPI reporting.


Deployment Options

Caseblocks Claims is a cloud solution, accessed from a standard desktop web browser and built using container technology. This offers end-user solutions within the Caseblocks Cloud, running in a private cloud or installed on managed hardware. Commercial licencing and support models are offered for each deployment style.


Caseblocks Solutions

Caseblocks provides consulting, implementation, and training services to help with the customisation of Caseblocks to specific requirements.

Key project activities include requirements gathering, gap analysis, process & technical design and implementation either direct or with a Caseblocks’ partner.

Caseblocks is a trading style of EmergeAdapt, which was formed in 2011 with the strategy of developing business productivity tooling for the early cloud market. Caseblocks was designed to reduce the risk associated with enterprise process transformation projects by offering no-code tools to the business user and development tools. for the technical developer. Working together, this model reduces the effort and cost of building and maintaining complex process automation solutions which often sit behind organisational transformation initiatives.

Caseblocks first customer was National Tyres, delivering a back-office process platform which managed orders from multiple customer sources and brands, funnelling these orders through to nationwide high-street fulfilment centres. At peak this was processing several thousand business and consumer orders daily.

High-volume consumer claims solutions were also added and as the IP in the product grew in the initial years, claims automation and complex order fulfilment became repeatable solutions.

In 2017, plans to rebuild the Caseblocks platform began. The technology used to build the original platform had matured, giving the team the opportunity to simplify the stack, improve stability and reduce platform operating costs. A specific objective was to enable the fast creation of platform IP along with pivoting the business to create process content specific to claims automation and order management. At that time the company branding was fully aligned with the platform name, Caseblocks.

With the platform rebuild now complete, and new tenants joining during 2020, Caseblocks is now at a point where expanding into UK and international markets is the next phase in the company’s journey. In 2018 Cigna in Hong Kong engaged Caseblocks to help support a claims transformation project, a project jointly delivered with IQ Business, further validating Caseblocks as a platform for the enterprise insurer.

Paul McGlynn, CEO & Founder


Ijonas Kisselbach, CTO & Founder


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 6-10 years
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector Insurance
  • Valuation N/A

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