Cyborn is a specialist research and development organisation comprised of global innovators in data privacy. Our sole focus is on delivering next-generation solutions to ensure people and organisations are kept safe online.


Protecting People & Their Human Rights

Cyborn believe that Data Privacy is a 21st Century Human Right. Emerging digital technologies are creating boundless opportunities for organisations and society. This new world requires higher levels of trust. Cyborn has been building this new paradigm in data protection, allowing freedom from attack and unparalleled levels of privacy.

Cyborn’s first product is a robust and dynamic Data Privacy Protection and Resilience Software-as-a-Service (DPPR); Ionburst. Ionburst focuses on empowering and realising this right for organisations big and small to establish customer trust.

Ionburst delivers data privacy like never before in today’s online ecosystem, utilising game-changing innovations in data security and privacy. We have devoted many years to intricately architecting and creating this paradigm shift.

Ionburst flips the asymmetric advantage that hackers have by breathing life into your data, making every piece completely unique, like a strand of DNA. Our unique data security transforms each piece of data giving it a minimal, dynamic attack surface, protecting your organisation’s data and high-value intellectual property from loss, theft and mishandling – whether from an accidental or malicious actor.

Data Breaches?

They will be a distant memory.


What does Cyborn’s Ionburst prevent?

Ionburst focuses on empowering and realising the protection of highly sensitive data for organisations big and small to establish customer trust.

Data protected by Ionburst becomes; unpredictable, anonymous and contextless. Forget invasion of privacy. Forget data breaches. Forget stolen data. Cyborn’s Ionburst creates a new world of trust & ensures a safe digital future for everyone. In the always-on, work-anywhere, cloud-connected world, we protect against new threats, both intended and unintended, from both humans and machines.

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The Cyborn team comprises established innovators boasting several decades in combined experience of research and development in advanced data security. Our team blends the experience and research discipline of several PhDs in computer science and Cybersecurity with commercial board level experience of bringing information intensive innovations to international and global markets, as diverse as financial services, travel aggregation and ecommerce.


Dr David Lanc – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Hunter – Chief Enterprise Architect

Sophie Lanc – Chief Creative Technologies Officer

Josh Fraser – Chief Cyber Security Engineer

Anne Lanc – Chief Financial Officer

Iain Sutherland – Chief Developer



Colin Grannell – Advisor

Professor Lachlan Mackinnon – Advisor

John de Lavis – Advisor

Professor Bill Buchanan OBE – Advisor


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  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector Cyber Security
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