Dashly’s ‘always on’ technology is unique to the mortgage industry. Its algorithms literally run 24 hours a day, seven days a week to scan the length and breadth of the market, proactively comparing each deal at a much faster pace than any human could.

This means that an adviser, who might typically have to enter a client’s details a number of times when comparing different products, only needs to do so once. And they can onboard as many clients as they wish onto the platform. It also frees up the adviser to do more of what they do best – advising.

Advisers have told us that Dashly’s platform also allows them to retain a strong brand identity while also taking advantage of highly-specialised tech to get the best in class, bespoke deals to suit their clients’ individual circumstances. This in turn promotes loyalty and trust and, ultimately, increased earnings.

Firms have also talked to us about difficulties or poor outcomes their customers have had – such as taking out product transfers – without taking advice when their remortgages are due for renewal. They partner with us because, despite being a fintech, at the heart of Dashly is the adviser. The tech would be redundant without the human touch.

Furthermore, no other tech innovation in the mortgage industry collects as much information and data points on customers to continually monitor the competitiveness of the existing mortgage. This can include credit report data, open banking data and fact find information to assess eligibility, affordability and needs and preferences – ensuring the matched results are accurate and appropriate. It means Dashly’s accuracy in what the best deal on the market issecond to none, and that our offering to customers is extremely personalised for each individual’s circumstances.

Dashly was founded in 2017 by Ross Boyd, who worked in the mortgage industry and who later became a performance marketing professional. He was then joined by Brano Ruscak, creative director and branding expert.

At the time, there was no CRM in the mortgage industry and, most importantly, no ongoing care. The mortgage process was solely sales-based. Dashly wanted to change that using data, to make mortgages and financial services follow the same journey as data-driven digital marketing.

Because, with no ongoing care, how could a mortgage adviser give valuable advice if they only speak to a client once every three years? They couldn’t. But by keeping track of all the data regarding the client’s personal circumstances, house prices, balances, rates, products and many more factors, advisers could offer their clients value as and when it was needed, not only at the next diary event.

It was Dashly’s mission to completely remove marketing from financial services, so people don’t have to search and buy products that most likely aren’t right for them. Instead, Dashly would deliver the right deal for them, directly in their inbox.

So the world’s first 24/7 Mortgage Monitor was created. And four years later, Dashly is a fully functioning platform that uses data to help 200 000 people get the best mortgages they can get for their personal circumstances. It also allows advisers to offer this value to their clients in an automated way that saves time. And all of this client data now even helps lenders to create products that better suit people’s needs.

Ross Boyd – Chief Executive officer


Brano Ruscak – Chief Marketing Officer


Martin Leonard – Chief Commercial Officer


Salma Kalisvaart – Chief Operating Officer


Michal Sukupcak – Chief Technology Officer



  • Funding Stage Series C
  • Trading for 6-10 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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