The award-winning Tindeco VISION investment management platform provides a unique solution for asset and wealth managers who want to greatly improve their efficiency.

VISION covers the main workflows of an asset manager across the following workflows a) onboarding clients b) constructing compliant profiles and portfolios b) implementing portfolios by executing transactions with marketplaces d) analysing and reporting on performance and risk.

VISION’s unique design can also help you automate all of the systematic elements of your investment process.

Every asset manager can benefit from VISION. Some of the clearest use cases are:

  • Any investment manager who wishes to become more systematic in order to reduce operating costs.


  • Investment managers who offer customised portfoliosto their clients.


  • Investment managers who offer sophisticated investment products / portfolios. Such portfolios may be risk-based, systematic, multi-strategy, capital preservation, max drawdown, ALM and/or relative value.


Tindeco VISION is comprised of 1) VISION Core Technologies (CRM, RISK, PMS, OMS) and 2) VISION Investments (Portfolio Structuring, Quantitative Strategies, Analytics Workbench).

VISION CORE covers all of the main workflows of an asset manager while VISION Investments builds optimal portfolios of virtually any kind.

Our portfolio construction technology utilises both a simulation engine and our optimisation engine. Portfolios are simulated through time, based upon the likely changes in asset prices and any systematic changes to portfolio holdings which are likely to occur. The optimisation engine selects the optimal portfolio based upon your objectives and risk tolerances taking into account each of the simulated paths. In this way, our portfolio construction technology moves beyond the traditional single period buy-and-hold analysis (but can also easily be parameterised to deliver the traditional analysis)

These portfolios can be (at least partially) comprised of systematic strategies and workflows in which case the portfolios become (at least partially) automated. Automation means that the strategies and workflows create the orders needed to implement themselves and prompt the portfolio manager to review and execute them.

We are partnering with the School of Astronomy and Physics at the University of Edinburgh. Their researchers have experience using advanced ML / AI techniques to enhance Monte Carlo simulation and related analytics. Tindeco uses similar methodologies to improve simulation and optimisation to produce robust results quickly.

As head of asset management at leading banks Michael Kaimakliotis was a buyer and user of investment management technology. He saw that there was a gap in the marketplace for the technology he desired: a comprehensive, fully integrated investment management platform that was designed with the ultimate objective of automating all systematic elements of any investment management process.

He co-founded Tindeco with Neil McLachlan in 2010. Their initial goal was to develop a proprietary investment management platform that would enable any asset manager to dramatically improve their operating efficiency. Their ultimate goal was to develop technology that could enable mass customisation of virtually any portfolio (any assets, any investment objectives, any risk tolerances and any regulatory regime). Their desire was based upon the belief that every end-client should receive a portfolio a) whose risk is tailored to their individual tolerances and b) whose performance is tailored to meeting their individual objectives.

Today, at Tindeco, our mission stems from these goals. We seek first to dramatically improve the efficiency of the investment management industry enabling significant reductions in operating costs. Secondly, we seek to enable asset and wealth managers to offer higher value-added portfolios and products to their clients. Our technology has been designed to enable the management of large numbers of highly customised investment portfolios at low cost.

Tindeco VISION helps managers offer solutions ranging from a) simple robo-adviser portfolios to b) traditional wealth management portfolios with client restrictions to c) sophisticated risk-based, multi-strategy and asset-liability matching portfolios.

Our scalable cloud architecture lets our clients use VISION in their private cloud or via the Tindeco Cloud. VISION can also be delivered as an on-premise installation.

VISION was named Best Portfolio Management Solution and Best Risk Management Solution by WealthBriefing in 2019. We have won a total of 7 WealthBriefing awards since 2017.

Tindeco has also won two SMART grants (2014, 2016) from Scottish Enterprise. These awards are given to companies creating unique and potentially disruptive technologies in Scotland. Tindeco today operates from two office locations – Edinburgh and Zug.

Our R&D team consists of highly experienced software engineers, quantitative developers and financial mathematicians and is based in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sales and corporate administration are managed out of Zug, Switzerland. Our sales and marketing focus is Western Europe. However, we have strong relationships with leading global and local implementation partners to bring you VISION at locations around the globe.

Michael Kaimakliotis, CEO & Co-Founder


Neil McLachlan, CTO & Co-Founder


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 6-10 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Investment platform
  • Valuation N/A

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