ZIPZERO is spearheading an AI-driven consumer and advertiser platform revolution – bringing together both consumers and advertisers in a mutually economically beneficial relationship. Through crowdsourcing paper & digital receipts directly from consenting consumers, ZIPZERO not only helps consumers optimise their spending but also offers marketers an advanced AI tool that intelligently both utilises and maximises their advertising expenditure for an optimal ROI.

Harnessing consumers’ product-level spending data from both online & in-store transactions, irrespective of the payment mode – cash or card; ZIPZERO is able to build detailed and comprehensive consumer profiles. This unique data enables ZIPZERO’s AI to provide consumers with tailored recommendations on where, when, and what to buy to both maximise their shopping budget; and provide additional funds towards the payment of their household bills.

Simultaneously, ZIPZERO’s AI tool for advertisers interprets these data sets to deliver a refined marketing strategy, accurately identifying where best to allocate their advertising budget to best target the optimal consumer group to maximise sales of any given product. Thus, ZIPZERO offers a dual-pronged solution that enhances consumers’ purchasing power whilst enabling businesses to target their marketing efforts more effectively and efficiently.

Backed by the Chairman of Aviva Digital and CMO of L’Oréal UK, ZIPZERO already counts >150k early adopters and is currently focused on large scale adoption – supported by leading utilities who are incentivised to push ZIPZERO to their millions of customers.

ZIPZERO is proud to be powered by the Snowflake Start-up Program – providing ZIPZERO with additional resources and promotional support to help accelerate the development and growth of our data-intensive applications in the Data Cloud.

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ZIPZERO was founded on the premise that consumers have a right to benefit from their shopping data. In a world where tech giants like Google and Facebook capitalise on our transactional behaviour. ZIPZERO envisioned a platform that would enable consumers to economically participate in this digital ecosystem.

ZIPZERO’s unique proposition captures consumers’ detailed spend data in real-time, across all of their retail transactions, irrespective of retailer or sector – effectively addressing the critical data blindspots that have long plagued consumer facing businesses. Many businesses have an abundance of data regarding consumer behaviour within their own stores, both physical and online, but have very limited insight into their customers’ activities at competitors’ shops and other retail outlets.

ZIPZERO addresses this critical gap by providing an overarching view of consumer behaviour across the retail spectrum, not confined to a single brand or store. This data is then leveraged to provide tailor-made shopping recommendations to consumers, while simultaneously offering businesses a sophisticated AI tool. The tool utilises these comprehensive data sets to optimally guide advertising expenditure, addressing a critical blindspot in traditional marketing methods and providing a more complete, competitive picture for advertisers.

The core issue ZIPZERO is focused on fixing is the lack of:

  1. a single, unified & large-scale data source collected directly from consumers with their genuine and full consent that offers access to the full details of the shopping basket (i.e. detailed SKU-level data); combined with
  1. a marketing platform that enables direct consumer activation platform on the back of such data and established consumer relationships.

Existing multi-source data providers specialising in consumer shopping insights include the likes of Experian, Equifax, Acxiom, GlobalData to name a few. Their vast data trove is ultimately limited to the lack of detailed product-level information; and is also subject to significant lag.

The same limitation applies to data players in the financial payments background – e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Cardlytics – or even neo financial management apps who leverage the power of Open Banking. They are all unable to deliver on the product-level front as payment rails simply do not capture these details. Equally, they do not capture cash-based transactions, which remain an important part of the economy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have legacy market research organisations led by Kantar and Nielsen. These traditional businesses rely on a group of panellists for their data collection which does indeed include SKU level information. However, their methods of data collection are outdated – the data is processed slowly, it lacks depth with online data and ultimately lacks adequate representation beyond the group of professional panellists (ZIPZERO is precisely democratising this by allowing any consumer to easily become one).

At ZIPZERO, we are democratising the process by allowing any consumer to become part of this platform. We’re building a future where consumers gain the most value from their spending, and advertisers utilise their budget effectively for maximum and transparently measurable returns. Through this, we aim to become the premier first-party consumer shopping data platform.

Mohsin Rashid

Co-Founder; CEO

  • 2015-18: Founding member of the SoftBank Vision Fund investment team
  • Previously: >12 years as an Investment Banker at Rothschild & BofA Merrill Lynch
  • Contact: / +44 7815 059809

Marcin Walaszczyk

Co-Founder; CTO

  • Previously: >25 years experience in implementing & managing complex IT projects at leading CEE-based retailers & telcos (Auchan, Eurocash, Orlen, Shell, Polsat Group)

Chris Clark

Senior Advisor – FinTech

  • Chairman Aviva UK Digital & Non-Exec Aviva Insurance Ltd
  • Global Chief Marketing Officer at HSBC Group (2010-17)


Preyash Thakrar

Senior Advisor – Retail

  • Partner at KPMG – Consumer/Retail
  • Chief Strategy Officer at ASDA & VP Intl Strategy at Walmart (2010-21)


Lex Bradshaw-Zanger

Senior Advisor – CPG/FMCG

  • Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, UK & Ireland at L’Oréal
  • Senior roles at McDonald’s & Meta/Facebook (2012-16)



As the cost-of-living crisis worsens, ZIPZERO co-founder Mohsin Rashid sat down with GB News to explain ZIPZERO’s mission to give money back to consumers – and help them save £80 per month.

By working together with utility providers, advertisers (retailers & brands) and local governments, ZIPZERO is taking money that companies would otherwise spend on digital marketing and redirecting it to their customers – towards the payment of their essential household bills.


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As consumers, we all know that our personal data is being collected and used by companies every day. But did you know that this data is often being used in ways that we never intended or agreed to?

In a recent piece published in the Evening Standard, ZIPZERO calls on Big Tech to be held accountable for their actions and for consumers to have the power to make informed choices about their data. As consumers, we deserve transparency and control over our data.

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