ZIPZERO is building the premier consumer data platform – crowdsourcing paper & digital receipts directly from consenting consumers in exchange for cash towards the payment of their key monthly bills (a very timely proposition in the context of the cost-of-living crisis).

ZIPZERO’s unique approach facilitates the capture of product-level spend from consumers across all their retail transactions (both online & in-store; across both cash & card spend) – data that cannot be acquired via any other methods, including Open Banking.

By design, ZIPZERO helps consumers unlock an enormous source of personal wealth – thus far appropriated by Big Tech – while directly contributing to a vital social cause (reduction of essential household bills).

In parallel, ZIPZERO helps eradicate a critical blind spot faced by consumer-facing businesses by (1) providing live product-level insights on shopper behaviour, willingly shared by customers themselves, while also (2) facilitating direct consumer activation/marketing via the delivery of customised shopping offers.

Backed by the Chairman of Aviva Digital and CMO of L’Oréal UK, ZIPZERO already counts >100k early adopters and is currently focused on large scale adoption – supported by leading utilities who are incentivised to push ZIPZERO to their millions of customers.



• Start using the ZIPZERO app for all your shopping to earn cash towards your monthly bills.

• Get rewarded by simply sharing receipts from your daily shopping trips.

• Take advantage of both in-store and online Premium Offers to earn even more on top of that and significantly lower your utility bills

every month!

• Download the ZIPZERO App now – iOS/App Store & Android/Google Play.

ZIPZERO’s mission is to help consumers monetise the enormous value in our shopping data. Every day, global giants like Google and Facebook track our transactional behaviour and earn cash by allowing retailers to target us online. Meanwhile, none of this wealth is shared with the owners of that data – the consumer.

We started ZIPZERO in the belief that consumers have a right to some of the money that is earned on the back of our shopping data. We created a smart tool – the ZIPZERO app – to give everyone the ability to gain access to these funds. Furthermore, we wanted to put this money directly towards an essential cause – monthly bill payment.

By sharing your shopping receipts with ZIPZERO, you also allow us to gain insights into your needs and preferences. Next, on the basis of the data you share, we can tailor special offers that are personalised so that you can easily find the products you want.

Every time you shop with one of our retail partners and earn a premium reward, ZIPZERO earns a commission from processing the sale. We use the majority of this commission to cover the rewards you earn from sharing your data within the app. This is how we close the loop on a fair consumer exchange.

Download the ZIPZERO App now – iOS/App Store & Android/Google Play.

Mohsin Rashid

Co-Founder; CEO

  • 2015-18: Founding member of the SoftBank Vision Fund investment team
  • Previously: >12 years as an Investment Banker at Rothschild & BofA Merrill Lynch
  • Contact: / +44 7815 059809

Marcin Walaszczyk

Co-Founder; CTO

  • Previously: >25 years experience in implementing & managing complex IT projects at leading CEE-based retailers & telcos (Auchan, Eurocash, Orlen, Shell, Polsat Group)

Aymeric Monod-Gayraud

Co-Founder; CCO

  • Previously: Telecoms & Media investment banker with BofA Merrill Lynch

Chris Clark

Senior Advisor – FinTech

  • Chairman Aviva UK Digital & Non-Exec Aviva Insurance Ltd
  • Global Chief Marketing Officer at HSBC Group (2010-17)


Preyash Thakrar

Senior Advisor – Retail

  • Partner at KPMG – Consumer/Retail
  • Chief Strategy Officer at ASDA & VP Intl Strategy at Walmart (2010-21)


Lex Bradshaw-Zanger

Senior Advisor – CPG/FMCG

  • Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, UK & Ireland at L’Oréal
  • Senior roles at McDonald’s & Meta/Facebook (2012-16)



As the cost-of-living crisis worsens, ZIPZERO co-founder Mohsin Rashid sat down with GB News to explain ZIPZERO’s mission to give money back to consumers – and help them save £80 per month.

By working together with utility providers, advertisers (retailers & brands) and local governments, ZIPZERO is taking money that companies would otherwise spend on digital marketing and redirecting it to their customers – towards the payment of their essential household bills.


ZIPZERO co-founder Aymeric Monod-Gayraud outlines how technology can empower consumers to unlock an enormous source of personal wealth, thus far appropriated by Big Tech –> their personal shopping data.

At the same time, this consumer-minded focus can also help eradicate a critical blind spot faced by consumer-facing businesses –> by delivering live insights on shopper behaviour willingly shared by customers themselves.

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As consumers, we all know that our personal data is being collected and used by companies every day. But did you know that this data is often being used in ways that we never intended or agreed to?

In a recent piece published in the Evening Standard, ZIPZERO calls on Big Tech to be held accountable for their actions and for consumers to have the power to make informed choices about their data. As consumers, we deserve transparency and control over our data.

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  • Funding Stage Post-seed
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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