Standard Life Innovation Forum


What does Standard Life do?

Standard Life is a brand that has been trusted to look after people’s long term savings and retirement needs for nearly 200 years. Today, it serves millions of customers who come to it directly, via advisers and through their employer’s pension scheme.

Standard Life is part of Phoenix Group, the UK’s largest long-term savings and retirement business which has a clear social purpose – to help its customers enjoy a life of possibilities. Overall, people are living longer and Standard Life can support them at every step towards their financial future: whether they’re looking to maximise their long-term savings, explore options for an income in retirement, or better understand their financial wellness, we’re here to help.

We also know this cannot be successful without doing our part to build a strong and sustainable future. And that’s why we are integrating sustainability into everything we do; from incorporating financial wellbeing for all.

Our Sustainability Ambition

Standard Life has a vital role to play in addressing the biggest societal challenges of our time. That’s why we’re putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Overall people are living longer and need to fund their life after work. This means:

-helping our customers build the savings and pensions they’ll need in the future

-considering sustainability in every decision we make

-understanding the inclusive and diverse needs of society

-investing in a future we all want and contributing to a world that we can all enjoy

Read more about the Phoenix Group’s sustainability commitments

What is the challenge?

Sustainability & ESG

“How can we help our pension customers understand and engage with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing?”

What can I expect?

As part of Phoenix Group, Standard Life is committed to putting sustainability at the heart of everything it does for its customers. If you and your company share our passion and commitment for investing in a better future and improving outcomes for our customers lives – apply for our Innovation Forum challenge to see your innovative ideas and products come to life. You will get the opportunity to:

-Work in partnership with Standard Life to develop your ideas and products

-Have a Standard Life/Phoenix Group mentor to help guide and shape your proposals

-Get the opportunity to present to our Business Leadership & forum sponsors

Who can apply?

We would love to hear from you if your business focuses on:

-Customer engagement / creative storytelling / animation / production / app development

-Sustainability and ESG

Whether you are a pre-revenue FinTech start-up with a great idea, all the way through to a mature business, we would love to receive your application.

How do I get involved?

Do you have any questions? Feel free to email us

Apply here

Hear from our sponsors

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Standard Life to connect with creative thinkers to support our journey in helping new pension scheme members understand and engage with sustainable investing. We are looking for innovative, inspiring story tellers to help us craft a memorable and informative voice to help educate and engage our new members who are starting their life savings journey with Standard Life. This is key to our Group’s wider social purpose and sustainability strategy. We are looking forward to hearing from out-the-box innovators which Standard Life can collaborate with to develop fresh solutions, in collaboration with FinTech Scotland, TCS COIN and other key networks across Scotland and the UK.”

Colin Williams, Managing Director Pensions & Savings, Standard Life


“We’re delighted to be partnering with the Phoenix Group for a second year in a row to bring innovation and better outcomes to its customers. The first iteration of their innovation forum in 2022 was a real success and we’re very excited to see Phoenix Group’s plans for integrating the technology from Behavioural Finance into customers’ journeys. This year, the team in charge of their customer brand, Standard Life, has set itself an even bigger challenge as they’re looking to bring more innovation to ESG investing. It is therefore not only about customer outcomes but societal and environmental outcomes. At FinTech Scotland we identified Climate as one of the 4 key areas of focus in our Research and Innovation Roadmap and this innovation challenge will help us achieve our goal to move towards greener finance and have the sector contribute to the net zero agenda.”

Nicola Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, FinTech Scotland