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who we are

At aio* our objective is to improve financial decision-making in organisations through ensuring that the right people always have the right information available to make the best financial decisions for their organisations at the right time.

Currently, we strive to achieve this through our flexible payment card app that enables delegation of financial decision-making, easy distribution of funds, and control of budgets.

how we work

Managers can use aio*to:

  • create and manage budgets
  • assign users to different budgets
  • approve or reject budget requests
  • keep track of spending by cardholders
  • top up or empty card balances

Team members can use aio*to:

  • request and receive money on their cards
  • make purchases with their own aio*cards
  • upload pictures of purchase receipts
  • keep track of their own spending

Finance teams can useaio*to:

  • collect pictures of purchase receipts for auditing
  • send expense or budget reports as .csv files
  • integrate with and send reports to Xero

Directors can use aio*to:

  • track company spending in real-time
  • download budget reports to make better informed cash flow decisions
  • delegate lower level decision-making to free up valuable time

what we can do for you

Here are 4 different ways that aio* could work for you:

  • Travel Expenses:Travelling to meet clients is one of the most common expenses for many businesses. Usually staff pay out of pocket and get reimbursed later, but with aio*you can request money onto your card for your travel expenses and not have to worry about sorting out reimbursement.


  • Entertaining Clients:Sometimes a conversation with a client goes much better when you’re drinking coffee or sharing a meal together, so why not request some funds on your aio*card to spend at your next client meeting?


  • Purchasing Supplies: If you’re a small company, you may not have one person who is responsible for buying all the necessary supplies needed for your business. Even if you do, that person may not always be available to make the purchases when you need them. By using aio*the purchasing process can be delegated to whoever has the time or knows what’s needed.


  • Distributed Teams:Having a distributed team can save you the cost of having to run and maintain a central office, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be expenses. With aio*you can let your team pay for business costs in a decentralised way, whether it’s for travel for your quarterly in person meetings, or for the extra monitor they need for their home office.


why we do it

We believe that when organisations foster an environment where employees or members are encouraged to participate in relevant decision-making, it also encourages them to engage in wider organisational problem-solving which leads to gains in productivity.

In addition to productivity increases, such organisations also tend to have lower worker turnover, greater job satisfaction, and higher knowledge retention thereby saving costs, increasing resilience and ultimately achieving higher levels of success through greater levels of adaptability.

In short, we believe in the importance of empowerment and want to help organisations achieve success through empowering their employees or members.

In 2012, two Scottish companies MHN Ltd. (R&D software consultants) and Island GIS (GIS specialists) started a joint venture project called TavelTrack (later renamed Levima).

Levima was a web app that allowed employers to manage business related travel and track their employees on trips through a SMS based check in system. While testing the alpha version on users, the issue of travel expenses was raised and gave James the idea of adding an expense management element to the system using payment cards.

By 2015, the idea was fleshed out and Levima Ltd. was incorporated in September. Shortly thereafter, we pivoted from travel management to expense management, as the fintech market was growing.

In 2017 we launched the first commercial version of the aio* app and onboarded our first paying customers. Since then, we have seen steady growth of our user base and have focused on refining our offering to suit a range of market segments.

James Hanlon (Co-Founder)


Max Preuschen (CTO)


  • Funding Stage Post-seed
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Payments
  • Valuation N/A

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