Forumm is an alumni fundraising platform for educational institutions, providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use way to bridge the gap in fundraising capabilities. Its suite of online tools streamlines event management and enhances alumni communication, fostering stronger connections and increasing donations. With personalised messaging and data analytics, Forumm enables schools to tailor their fundraising strategies effectively, maximising campaign potential.

Uniquely, Forumm democratises access to sophisticated fundraising tools, making them affordable for a broader range of institutions. This levels the playing field in alumni engagement, previously dominated by well-funded universities. The platform’s community focus and peer-led support create a collaborative environment, especially beneficial for those new to digital fundraising.

Forumm’s revenue model, based on transaction fees and a modest annual subscription, aligns with the success of its users, ensuring scalability and affordability. This innovative approach positions Forumm as a transformative force in educational fundraising, empowering all institutions to tap into their alumni network’s potential efficiently and effectively.

Forumm’s journey began in 2018 when our CEO, Dan Marrable, founded an educational consultancy called 448 Studio. While working with top-tier universities, Dan identified a significant gap in the market for alumni engagement and fundraising. This discovery laid the groundwork for Forumm.

In 2020, Dan developed a prototype of Forumm, initially focusing on online event management. This early version was instrumental in understanding the needs and dynamics of the market. The official launch of Forumm came in 2021, marking a significant milestone with the addition of co-founders Dr. Hilary Young and David Cowan, bringing diverse expertise and vision to the team.

During its early years, Forumm generated revenue by hosting 20 events, an endeavor that not only provided financial stability but also invaluable insights into the market. This period was critical for refining the product-market fit, ensuring that Forumm would effectively meet the needs of its target audience.

September 2023 saw the launch of Forumm’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to six universities, including two prestigious Russell Group institutions and an Ivy League university. This launch was a testament to the platform’s relevance and potential in the educational sector.

At its core, the Forumm team is a close-knit group, united by a shared vision to impact education funding significantly. Balancing this noble goal with the ambition to run a large, profitable company, the team exemplifies a unique blend of social purpose and business acumen.

Looking ahead, Forumm is on a trajectory of rapid growth, with a clear focus on expanding its reach and impact in the education sector. The next 3 to 5 years are poised to be transformative, both for Forumm and the educational institutions it aims to serve, as it continues to bridge the gap in alumni fundraising and engagement.


Daniel Marrable

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel brings a diverse background in digital strategy from his time at the University of Glasgow and with Olympic and Commonwealth Games committees. Founding 448 Studio in 2018, he honed his expertise in social media and audience engagement. This experience led to creating Forumm, a platform transforming alumni fundraising for educational institutions, combining his insights to empower schools and universities with effective, accessible fundraising tools.

Dr. Hilary Young

Co-founder and Director of Operations

Hilary brings over fifteen years of expertise in digital and social media strategy from her advisory roles at the Museum of London, Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum, and universities like Glasgow and Manchester. Her knowledge enhances Forumm’s operational efficiency in revolutionising alumni fundraising for educational institutions, leveraging her skills in digital engagement and storytelling to optimise the platform’s effectiveness and impact in the education sector.

David Cowan

Co-founder and Marketing Director

David is an accomplished marketer with a global footprint, having worked in China, Indonesia, and Europe. He founded a creative marketing agency, partnering with brands like The North Face and Hugo Boss, and consulted for institutions like Cambridge University and the University of Glasgow. David’s expertise in brand activation and inbound marketing has also benefited major companies like Red Bull. His acumen extends to nurturing start-ups into successful 7-figure businesses.


  • Funding Stage Pre-seed
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector Institutional tool
  • Valuation N/A

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