We’re Hazy, the world’s leading synthetic data company, and we re-engineer data to make it more accessible and usable.

The value of data has never been higher, yet it’s never been harder for businesses to use it. Enterprise businesses struggle to leverage their own data assets because they are wrapped in privacy and security controls that are designed to limit access to them. Our software replicates enterprise data, preserving the statistical properties needed for testing, analytics, and innovation, while omitting all personal identifiable information to maintain privacy and compliance.

Hazy synthetic data falls outside of the scope of privacy regulation such as GDPR and CCPA, meaning that it can be repeatedly generated and safely shared, freeing businesses to transform faster, accelerate AI, and innovate without restriction.

We work with industry leaders such as Nationwide, Wells Fargo, BMW and Accenture, creating immense value for our customers by empowering them to:

  •     Unlock insight by giving access to highly representative datasets to test and validate new capabilities and business processes, safely, without exposing sensitive data.
  •     Monetise data through generating new revenue streams with high-quality synthetic customer data, which is safe to build new products on and sell as insights.
  •     Innovate faster by allowing companies to quickly generate unlimited synthetic datasets to power AI and automation, test new technologies and validate external partners.

Our co-founders Harry Keen and James Arthur met whilst working together at a digital manufacturing start-up. Whilst there, they saw how difficult it was for organisations to share and extract value from data whilst respecting the privacy of the individuals and regulatory constraints. Agreeing that there should be a solution to this data privacy issue, Hazy was founded.

Hazy began as an anonymisation product but the team pivoted to synthetic data on realising the greater power and potential of using completely new data sets.

Hazy was accepted onto the programme of cybersecurity accelerator Cylon Ventures, through whose network the team met with experts in the security industry and gained an even greater understanding of the challenges surrounding the use of enterprise data specifically. As a result, Hazy began making concentrated efforts to grow our user base in the enterprise space, and specifically financial services sector.

We raised a pre-seed round which was led by the UCL Technology Fund and AI Seed Fund. During this time we met, collaborated with, and recruited leading academics who are keeping Hazy at the cutting edge of AI technology. In 2018, Hazy entered Microsoft’s Innovate.AI competition in which we won Best AI Start-up in Europe along with $1 million in investment from Microsoft Ventures and Notion Capital.

Since then Hazy has gone from strength to strength. We’ve gained further investments and are working with large, complex organisations – Nationwide, BMW, Wells Fargo, Accenture to name a few – and are growing fast thanks to our dedicated and talented team.


Harry Kean – CEO


Andrew Keen – COO


Carl Tishler – Chief People Officer



  • Funding Stage Series A
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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