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Infinity Works are a technology consultancy with a focus on Digital Transformation – enabled by our core offerings in Cloud, Data and Full Stack Engineering. Our company’s consultancy and delivery expertise is on the development and evolution of large scale, mission critical services, all of which require high availability, high scale, high performance solutions. We consult with our clients on the best way of designing, building and running these services cost effectively and efficiently.


Our Full Stack Engineering approach focuses on delivering customised IT application solutions using DevOps and continuous software delivery techniques. Clients value Infinity Works’ track record of delivery, technical quality and egoless approach. By embedding ourselves within client teams, we enjoy successful long-term collaboration with key customers such as the NHS, Sainsbury’s, Sky Bet, Hermes, Hitachi, Santander, Starling and BP.


Infinity Works have strong capabilities in both the Public and Private Sectors, and have extensive experience in key verticals such as Gaming, eCommerce, Retail, Health, Logistics and Government services.


Our approach to FinTech sets us apart, and some of our strongest case studies and examples are in FinTech – where we have designed, built and run large scale systems from startup banks (Starling and Asto) to large scale Supermarket banks (Sainsbury’s Bank and Tesco Bank). For one of our clients we designed, built, run and operate the entire Cloud infrastructure that supports their Data programmes, and are responsible for the services that provide all of their Bank of England regulatory reporting.

Unlike typical ‘offshore’ models, our managed service for this requirement is run by a Lean DevOps team of 9 people – demonstrating best practice in ITIL service management by innovative use of service productivity tools and best in class Cloud services, and a heavy focus on automation. We deliver with a small, lean, multidisciplinary team what traditional IT service partners provide with 50+ people. Our intent was always to build and run a complex financial service with zero incidents and defects – unheard of in many large scale banking services, but regularly achieved by our Managed Service Operation.

We have built core infrastructure services that underpin FinTech digital services, hosting initial third party banking apps, but now helping them to change ways of working in order to build digital capabilities in-house, starting with Identity services, PSD2 regulatory requirements capabilities and customer facing banking service apps.

We have been engaged to build two startup FinTech services, using the client’s choice of Cloud vendor, with an intent to build a robust, highly scalable capability that can be totally built from the ground up within one hour.

Infinity Works was founded March 2014. The four founders had worked together for over 8 years, most recently running key elements of the Sky Bet technology team. The company’s objectives and offerings reflect the backgrounds of the founders – with expertise on transforming how organisations work and deliver their most challenging projects, using innovative use of technologies to enable that. All four come from an IT operational background, and it is the design, building and running of large scale, mission critical services with a focus on efficient operations and total cost of ownership that underpins Infinity Works’ ethos and approach.

The founders started with two 20 day contracts and from there have grown to over 420 people and over £30m in revenues in 2019. We initially expected to build an organisation with a maximum of 16 employees, but with very high repeat business the company continued to grow apace. Offices in London, Manchester and Edinburgh were opened in rapid succession.

The company was entirely self funded by the owners until March 2019, whereupon they took some internal investment (minority Private Equity) from Growth Capital Partners (GCP) in order to maintain the growth and expansion of their team and capabilities. GCP are extremely experienced at helping owner-businesses grow and scale, and are working closely with the IW management team to continue our development.

Our business development has been entirely organic to date, with our client engagements growing by word of mouth since we kicked off in 2014. Our mantra has always been to “do a great job for our clients, not overstay our welcome, and we’ll be asked to help on the key projects when we’re needed” and that has certainly rung true!

We have grown and scaled successfully by building great teams, and have built a strong management team responsible for each of our business operations, our business development and our people operations – with an organisation fit to scale even further as we develop. Many of this management team were the first group that we employed as a startup, and have the Infinity Works approach very much in their DNA.

We have been strategic in our approach to opening new offices and operations – initially focused on where we could find the appropriate talent to deliver on our service offerings, most recently we have identified key areas that we could build on our capabilities. Our decision to open an office in Scotland was driven by an opportunity to leverage our extensive FinTech experience – working with two major banks in Edinburgh already, we know that we can underline our capabilities in a prime location that has a huge history of Financial Services. We know that our capability to help our clients achieve digital transformation through our core offerings of Cloud, Data and Full Stack Engineering can continue to succeed, and our innovative approach to technology will help every one of our clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Paul Henshaw (Managing Director)


Matt Gaffney (Managing Director)


Ed Marshall (Practice Lead, Edinburgh)

Dan Rathbone (CTO)


  • Funding Stage Post-seed
  • Trading for 6-10 years
  • Employees 200-500
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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