We empower you to seize control At Lupovis, we’re leading the way in network and cloud security with a distinctive approach to safeguarding against cyber threats. Unlike traditional cybersecurity firms, we adopt an active defense strategy that involves outsmarting and misleading attackers. By using this approach, we’re able to counteract their efforts and deter them from targeting your most valuable assets.

Back in 2019, a group of defense and private sector entities approached Dr. Bellekens and his team to investigate a suspected breach that had gone unnoticed. With no record of the incident and no clear suspects, the researchers recognised an opportunity to develop cutting-edge cyber deception and active defense technology to help organisations better detect and combat in-network attackers.

Two years later, Dr. Bellekens and Prof. Andonovic established Lupovis, a company dedicated to providing organisations with enhanced network visibility, sophisticated adversary identification, and superior alert fidelity. Today, ransomware attacks and security breaches are an everyday occurrence, with many organisations remaining unaware of such threats for extended periods. At Lupovis, we prioritise network visibility to help you stay one step ahead of potential threats.


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