Montoux helps life insurers make better, data-driven decisions across their insurance portfolio.  Our customers typically see double-digit percentage improvement in sales or profitability metrics.


Montoux brings together actuarial science, data science and advanced optimisation techniques in a purpose-built, cloud -based platform to give life insurers the tools to improve business performance.


Montoux can help life insurers with:

  • Pricing analytics
  • Price sensitivity and competitive intelligence
  • Price optimisation


Price is one of the few levers that life insurers have to drive business performance in the short term. Despite this, life insurance pricing teams have had to ‘make do’ when it comes to tooling with some combination of spreadsheets for analysis and valuation systems for actuarial calculations – the passing of data between tools acts a major drag on efficiency limiting the depth of analysis. Montoux combines an extensive suite of in-built analytics with cloud based actuarial calculation to provide very fast cycle times for pricing scenario analysis.


Most life insurers have a limited understanding of how changes in price and competitive position affect customer buying patterns and sales performance. Customer behaviour can vary significantly by market segment – sales channel, age, smoker status and level of cover. Montoux uses advanced data science techniques to analyse sales and competitor quote data to develop granular models of the price sensitivity of customer behaviour. Montoux combines these price sensitivity models with actuarial models of customer value so that insurers can model the impact of price changes on their business. Montoux can also ingest competitive data to provide real-time competitor positional and sales monitoring.


The creation of a new set of pricing rates involved thousands of individual pricing decisions for different market segments and cover levels and each decision must factor-in premium constraints and the requirement to treat customers fairly. Aligning the decisions with the insurer’s strategy can be an onerous process. Montoux combines advanced machine learning and optimization techniques to systematically explore possible pricing scenarios and derive optimal price strategies. This allows life insurers to identify the pricing approach required to maximise sales volume or value. Importantly, insurers can also deepen their understanding of the impact of premium constraints and how best to serve both the business and their own customers.

An actuary, a software developer, and a UX designer walk into a bar… Well, maybe not exactly, but that’s not too far from the truth, when Dutch expats Klaas, Gert, and Nils got together some time in 2010–2011, in Lyall Bay in Wellington. Klaas, an experienced actuary, was frustrated with the state of actuarial modelling software at the time: expensive, highly technical, and very difficult to use. He had a vision for a much better system, one so user-friendly that non-actuaries could use it. Nils and Gert thought that sounded great, and said they could surely build a prototype to show that they could realise this idea. Early 2012, Montoux was officially born, a prototype was built, we found a couple of great developers, advisors, and investors to start the Montoux journey.


In essence Montoux provides a step change in life insurance. We combine data science and actuarial science to develop innovative, deep tech software solutions that solve difficult problems for life insurers. We focus on empowering our customers to make evidence-based decisions that drive more value (in all its forms) for both their business and customers.


Headquartered in New Zealand, Montoux has built a significant presence in the Australian and New Zealand life insurance industry and has an increasingly global client base. Montoux opened a New York office in 2016 to serve a growing list of customers in North America and opened an office in Edinburgh in March 2020 to act as a springboard into the UK market.

Geoff Keast


Geoff’s background in financial tech has seen him work around the world driving massive growth for financial institutions and tech companies alike. His core knowledge is in helping large, complex institutions digitize the customer lifecycle. He now heads up the growth side of our business, helping life insurers take strides towards customer centricity.

Klaas Stijnen


Klaas is an expert financial modeler, business actuary, and consultant with over a decade of experience working with some of the world’s largest insurance brands in Europe and Asia, including PwC and Deloitte. Montoux was born of Klaas’ frustrations with outdated, ineffective actuarial tools. He now leads the product side of Montoux.

Toni Moyes


Toni is an experienced COO, expertly building the infrastructure and culture that keeps Montoux’s team high-performing as we scale faster and faster. Toni is passionate about personal development, and works in her spare time on the APEC business advisory council, as well as growing a network of peer mentoring groups she started for women in leadership.


Shelley Cox


Shelley previously worked at one of Australasia’s largest life insurers in a number of leadership roles, and led an enterprise-wide retention strategy that achieved a 25% reduction in lapse rates. Her sweet spot is working to solve commercial challenges and deliver customer and shareholder value. Shelley has newly relocated to Edinburgh in order to establish Montoux’s UK office.

Gert Verhoog


Dedicated to the integrity and quality of the Montoux platform, Gert heads up Montoux’s team of brilliant software engineers. He makes sure the wheels keep turning smoothly behind the scenes, seeking ever to enhance the functionality, security, and scalability of Montoux’s products.


  • Funding Stage Series A
  • Trading for 6-10 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Insurance
  • Valuation N/A

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