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Our mission is to connect and protect business and society with trustworthy data.

SICCAR enables organisations to share sensitive data through one trustworthy digital platform. The SICCAR platform adopts distributed ledger technology (DLT), to deliver a cyber secure platform for organisations to collaborate on secure reliable data. SICCAR facilitates data sharing where security, protection, integrity and governance are required.

SICCAR® was founded on the idea that digital change needs to be foundational as well as superficial. Our founders saw examples of other successful digital societies, like Estonia. where citizens have the ability to smoothly interact with government and banks with highly streamlined digital processes. The powerful technology infrastructure makes the process simple and accessible for users on every level. Our founders believe that DLT is the next generation of technology that will connect businesses and society together. The technology does not lose sight of the fact that it ensures only the appropriate people have access to a user’s data.

The development of the SICCAR platform for use in the public sector came from an internal review of Distributed Ledger Technologies for the Scottish Government. As part of the world-leading CivTech accelerator programme, SICCAR has been developed to address data sharing problems between public sector agencies. The SICCAR platform was also created to address specific requirements in the manufacturing and resources industries to assure the integrity of supply chains and address complex manufacturing challenges. Specifically, SICCAR are aligned with the need to manage the high-risk and high-value assets in the oil and energy industry.

Peter Ferry, CEO and Co-founder

Peter co-founded Microsoft Scotland and spent much of the dot com boom working in the large financial services institutions of Scotland, consulting on leading-edge web, infrastructure and security projects. Peter’s corporate career continued, ultimately leading Microsoft’s Cloud and Partner programs and building the Microsoft Technology Centre to demonstrate the business impact of disruptive tech.  He served on the board of ScotlandIS from 2013 to 2015, is on the Westminster All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Blockchain and was primary author of “Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy: Distributed Ledger Technologies in Public Services”. Peter also was appointed the Honorary Consul for Estonia – a world-leader in digital government.

Peter has always been excited by leapfrog technologies which have the capability of reshaping the world. That’s why he founded SICCAR – to realise the potential of DLT for government and business. Peter has a passion for technology’s positive impact on society and government, learned from a period living in Estonia.




Stuart Fraser, CTO and Co-founder

Stuart has 30 years professional practice in Information Technology. He was involved in a number of leading-edge projects such as the BP Virtual Teamworks desktop video conferencing project in 1995 and as start-up CTO of MiiCard (now The IDCo.) Stuart successfully founded and built the first Scottish domestic cyber security and cryptography company DNS before its ultimate sale to Dell Corp. During this time, he attained a number of industry qualifications such as CISSP and UK government specific CESG Check and CLAS certifications. He has a Masters (MSc) in High Performance Computing from The University of Edinburgh.  

Stuart founded SICCAR because of his view that DLT networks and cryptographic technologies can fundamentally transform the secure sharing and protection of digital data in the Internet age to build a better, secured by default, and natively digital world.  His role spans technology vision, product architecture, finance, and overall leadership. He has a wide appreciation of the application of technology and the risk and issues of information security and continues his involvement with the cyber community. 



Safe and secure data sharing between the medical and voluntary sector



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