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Trade in Space utilise the most innovative data sources to create technology driven solutions, and insights for agricultural supply chains. Using satellite imagery, machine-learning analysis and blockchain technology to monitor sustainability indicators.

We have developed a cutting-edge software tool specifically tailored for mapping agricultural supply chains and verifying them for adherence to deforestation-free practices. We specialise in analysing geospatial datasets that encompass farm assets and their surrounding environments. Our focus lies in monitoring the sustainability of supply chains, verifying product origins, and ensuring traceability. We are able to map and monitor sustainability metrics such as carbon, deforestation, land changes, crop health risk and more. We also report on farms which are at risk of losing productivity due to predicted climate change. These insights can help shape sustainability policies and maintain market access. We work with corporations to enable, monitor and enact upon their own corporate sustainability strategies.

Trade in Space developed Sustainimaps , using peer reviewed datasets, and open-source imagery, to help make it easier for traders and supply chain operators to trade agriculture in compliance to an emerging regulatory landscape. We have created what we call “sustainability passports”, using blockchain technology to verify sustainability practices, this enables frictionless trade and sharing of information in a secure way.

Since 2019 Trade in Space’s geospatial scientists have been making a name within the coffee sector for using Earth Observation data to provide insights for coffee industry stakeholders. Though we began working with South Australian grain farmers, we quickly included coffee and cacao into our verticals.

Trade in Space are behind the world’s first ever satellite brokered trade of coffee. Using satellite imagery, we tokenised coffee while it was still in the field in the form of an NFT; Glasgow coffee roaster procured the coffee, and we tracked the shipment from Colombia to the UK.

In 2020 we were approached by a global coffee trading organisation to help take their sustainability policy to the next level by coding this into a digital, visual, traceable tool in order to assess compliance to their corporate sustainability policy. Their policy was delivered via the sustainimaps tool and was accompanied by bespoke analytical reports covering each of their origin supply-chains. These reports were used by the company to secure $500m USD in green finance to support their sustainable initiatives. Since launching our flag-ship product, Sustainimaps, our technology is helping to maintain deforestation free supply chains for some the largest coffee and cacao producers.

This year we launched, in collaboration with Colombia’s largest cacao producer, a traceability tool created to verify product origin and track it through the supply chain. Integrating seamlessly with our platform Sustainimaps, our customers are able to view end to end traceability from farm to factory, creating a true “bean to bar” traceability function.



  • Funding Stage Post-seed
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector Social good
  • Valuation N/A

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