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Trade in Space uses space-data, machine-learning and blockchain technology to inform and facilitate the trade of agricultural commodities.

Using satellites, we can visually see every farm on the planet. We have developed proprietary software to detect the growth of agricultural commodities and provide yield analytics to both farmers and commodities traders.

The data we produce is tokenised using blockchain technology which allows the producers to sell their crops on our digital marketplace. Using blockchain technology allows us the security, transparency and trust which end users are demanding from their food suppliers. It also allows us to provide an affordable access to a global market, which is too often cost-prohibitive for the world’s most vulnerable smallholder farmers. The cost savings are passed on to both food producers, and buyers and traders, resulting in a faster, more affordable and more secure transaction.


Trade in Space was founded by Robin Sampson, who had formerly been working in the small-sat development of new space in Scotland.  Through his interaction with small-sat users, he became aware that the largest user group of satellite data is the agricultural industry. With the boom in new space, came more affordable, more accessible space-data sources.

At the same time, distributed ledger technology was becoming more accessible and accepted as a secure means of facilitating the transaction goods.

Trade in Space was sponsored by Innovate UK, to examine potential use cases for fusing the technologies together. During this project we were approached by one of the largest coffee producing organisations in the world, who saw potential benefit to their supply chain. In collaboration with them, we have focused our efforts of coffee detection, and expect to have completed our first trade in 2020.


Robin Sampson – Founder

Alexandra McIntosh – Project Manager


Charlotte Bunce – Geospatial Analyst


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Distributed Ledger
  • Valuation N/A

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