Open Banking

Open Banking data has the capacity to change the world, for everyone.
Consumers gain access to new services and products that can help them save time and money.
Banks and financial services companies are using Open Banking data to cut operational costs and offer consumers frictionless onboarding.
Fintech companies require use of Open Banking data to begin innovating, building, and testing new products. That’s why DirectID designed a new Open Banking Accelerator, just for you.

Who are DirectID?

Founded in 2011, The ID Co, has been building products based on (Open) bank data, creating convenience for consumers and helping businesses like online lenders easily onboard their customers by solving pains such as affordability and credit risk.

Their DirectID solution help achieve this by removing friction caused in the application process by current challenges of risk, compliance, fraud and regulation. The products they provide solve business pains such as assessing a customer’s affordability whilst verifying their account information to offset credit risk.


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What is the Open Banking Accelerator

DirectID's end-to-end bank data solutions will help you, understand, and start using Open Banking data.
You can apply to the accelerator for your chance to access one of limited startup packages.

What will you get in the DirectID Open Banking Accelerator package:

Access to DirectID Open Banking data suite

A special Accelerator package cost enabling your business to setup, build, learn and grow

Training and mentorship from ID Co's CEO, James Varga, with his wealth of experience in the Open Banking and FinTech space

Support and publicity from the DirectID team as your FinTech builds the future of finance

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