Calling all Internal Auditors working in the Fintech environment

Calling all Internal Auditors working in the Fintech environment…….

For those that don’t know me, please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself. I have worked in and around Internal Audit for more years than I care to admit and have recently started a new adventure as Head of Internal Audit for Modulr Finance based in Edinburgh.

Having moved into a fintech organisation I find myself wondering:  “how can I adapt, evolve and innovate the approach to fintech Audit to best meet (perhaps exceed?) the needs of a relatively new and growing fintech industry”?

Over my years of experience, I have (too often) been faced with the negative stigma which can come with our profession.  On hearing the words Internal Audit, stakeholders can automatically jump to the old stereotyped assumptions assuming that we prevent innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and struggle to respond to the changes required in such a dynamic and fast evolving industry. Like many of my colleagues and peers, I am committed to banishing this perception and ensuring that the profession continues to build on and evolve approaches which remain robust and sustainable, but can keep pace with and best add value in such a newly evolving, fast paced, dynamic and exciting sector.

How can we make sure we (as a profession) move with the times displaying the agility, flexibility and creativeness required to satisfy the appetite of such a new industry and its many stakeholders? It can be a daunting thought, and one I am sure I’m not alone with!

My belief is that Internal Auditors in fintech have a unique opportunity to help shape the future of fintech, but to do so require a tailored combination of business audit, IT Audit, project management skills blended, a good dose of commercial judgement together with refined and tailored approaches to realise this. Part of the key to our success is collaboration, and with this in mind, I take much pleasure in announcing a collaboration between FinTech Scotland, and the IIA:  The FinTech Audit Forum - intended to allow those working within Internal Audit in the Fintech industry to network, share ideas, discus hot topic and tailor their approach.

If you work in fintech, either in Internal Audit, or have a vested interest in this initiative and would benefit from:

  • knowledge sharing and asking questions with peers
  • hearing shared experiences, views, and responses
  • industry insight
  • Audit Committee perspectives
  • A network of Internal Auditors working within fintech
  • Discussion and debate of current/ emerging issues, hot topics, obstacles, changes, regulation etc
  • Hearing of proposed/bespoke approaches aimed at the FinTech Internal Audit community and stakeholders

then please let me know and I would be delighted to include you in the FinTech Audit Forum. Our first meeting is on Wednesday 28th of October between 2pm and 3pm. This will be a vitual meeting and we’ll be delighted to see you there.

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels