Crypto currency ATM’s appearing in more Scottish cities

Photo by David McBee from Pexels

Crypto currency ATM’s now in Dundee and Aberdeen

2 Scottish cities, Dundee and Aberdeen, have installed their first ever Bitcoin ATMs.

Alphavend UK, Scotland’s leading Digital Currency ATM operator, has just announced that it had installed Bitcoin ATM machines in Dundee (Nethergate) and Aberdeen (Bridge Street).

Citizens can now buy Bitcoin, without having to make long journeys to cities such as Glasgow or Edinburgh and in a way that's easier than easier than before by simply exchanging cash for the famous cryptocoins.

Alphavend has planned to instal more machines in the UK and is growing rapidly to keep pace with the growing interest and demand which has never been higher.

The high demand can be explained by Bitcoin being chosen more and more as a cost-effective way of sending money around the world.