Digital Technology Employer Survey

Photo by Branko Stancevic on Unsplash

Skills Development Scotland and partners are conducting an employer skills survey which will help shape the correct future skills provision for digital tech jobs in a number of sectors. If you manage a digital technology business/a business which has need of employees with digital skills, complete the survey; and share your skills issues and recruitment needs and challenges.

The Digital Technologies sector is important to Scotland as it plays an underpinning role in driving the competitiveness of Scotland’s other growth sectors as well as being a significant employer in its own right.

As part of this an employer skills survey is being conducted which will assess the current and likely future skills needs and issues in the digital technologies workforce.  Ultimately, the research will deliver a strong and robust evidence base with which to inform skills investment planning for the digital technology sector and other sectors with a growing need for digital skills.


The objectives of the study are as follows:

  • Detail the size and scale of the sector, and its economic importance to Scotland
    • Detail the size and scale of the sector in Glasgow and Edinburgh
    • Detail the size and scale of the Fintech sector
  • Present the current composition and forecast changes in the sector’s business base
  • Establish the current and likely future skills needs of employers
  • Map the education supply pipeline for the sector