Equate Scotland launches a Careerhub designed to attract more women into science, technology and eng

According to the EY and Innovate Finance UK FinTech Census Report(2017) women make up only 29% of the UK’s FinTech sector and 17% of senior positions.

This is not surprising as both tech and finance have traditionally been male dominated fields. As such, these sectors have been limited in perspective and experience, but, the inclusion of more women and greater diversity in general offer fresh insights and ideas. After all, money and technology plays apart in everyone’s lives.

If you are able to identify a problem in the financial system and wonder how it can be improved through technology, FinTech may be career for you regardless of gender, age, race or background. But reaching a wider audience, especially for SME’s can be a challenge.

To address this Equate Scotland have launched the Careerhub. Scotland’s first job board specifically designed to recruit women into science, technology and engineering related roles.

Businesses are aware of both the economic and social benefits of having a diverse workforce, yet time and time again we hear employers say they would like to hire more women, they just simply don’t get applications from female candidates and this is reflective of their workforce. Yet, simultaneously employers say they can’t find people with the right skills.

Over the past 11 years, Equate have built up Scotland’s largest network of women in STEM and through speaking to our network we understand what women look for when applying for jobs. The Careerhuboffers employers advice on inclusive recruitment practice and tips on how to make their job description more appealing to female candidates.

Advertising through Equate offers companies an opportunity to be considered an ‘employer of choice’ for women in STEM, demonstrating that they are actively taking steps towards creating an inclusive working environment.

We know there are qualified women in Scotland, but 73% with a STEM qualification leave their sector eventually. To attract and retain talent, employers need to ask why women are leaving and adapt their business model. There is no silver bullet to achieving gender parity in the sector but small consistent changes can transform culture and the perceptions of the industry.

As FinTech emerges as a leading sector for Scotland it has the opportunity to embed diversity from the beginning and contribute towards creating an inclusive, thriving economy.