Female tech role models – We need you!

If gender issues are already a priority for our large financial institutions, our growing FinTech community also has to respond to an important reality: research by Digital Scotland reveals only 18 % of people in tech roles are female.Scotland’s tech scene is one of the country’s most vibrant and rewarding places to work. Young women can have a fantastic career in digital technology. But if we want to reap the benefits of gender diversity credible role models are key.

The Digital Technologies Skills Group in partnership with Girl Geek Scotland are looking for young women (students, professionals or simply tech enthusiasts) to volunteer as role models and mentors for school age girls.

They’ve created training and support materials (webinar, guidance materials, classroom resources, and case studies) to help volunteers with their mentoring.

Ian Hanson from Skills Development Scotland told us:

We know there is an issue with insufficient women in tech roles. Financial Services and FinTech are no different. It’s crucial for the success of our industry and the vitality of our workplaces that we attract more talented, creative women into these roles. That’s why we’re looking for enthusiastic female role models who can inspire others to join them.

To learn more about how to become a role model or a mentor click here