FinTech Scotland and FinTechNZ establish a partnership

Another first

Things are moving at pace at FinTech Scotland in 2018.
Only 4 weeks ago we were welcoming our first CEO, last week we launched our first newsletter and this week we are delighted to let you know about our first partnership with another fintech hub, FinTechNZ.

So who are FinTechNZ?

FinTechNZ is The New Zealand Financial Innovation & Technology Association. They are a working group focussed on delivering economic growth in New Zealand through financial innovation. Slightly older than FinTech Scotland they have a member base of just over 100.
They work closely with the New Zealand government to offer guidance on policies and regulations.

Why this partnership?

At FinTech Scotland we are keen to develop a network with other international hubs. Several reasons are motivating us in doing so and they are all aligned with our core values:

  • Inclusion. We are very much open to the world. Other hubs aren’t competition but partners we are keen to include in our network. For our innovative companies to succeed they will need to enter new markets and form partnerships along the way. We want to help them do just that by offering them facilities to expand globally.
  • Collaboration. As we develop FinTech Scotland we want to be up to date with what’s happening around the world, identify collaboration opportunities and develop a unique offering.
  • Financial innovation. One of our goal is to establish Scotland as one of the leading hubs in the world. With so much innovation happening in Scotland we need to outreach to other countries and ensure our success stories are relayed around the world. We also believe this is the best way for us to attract fintechs and incumbents looking for a new base as well as attract investors’ interest to fuel even more innovation.

What’s next?

We’ll keep you updated on this blog about opportunities that will arise from this partnership. We’ll also keep you up to date with future partnerships with other hubs.
As we grow our community we wish to offer you a digital community for you to interact with people around the world so stay tuned.