FinTech Scotland welcomes Google Cloud to the fintech cluster

Google Cloud is joining forces with cluster management organisation, FinTech Scotland, to support the growth of the fintech small and medium enterprise community in Scotland.

With most fintech firms using cloud solutions to integrate more easily with their clients cost-effectively, the addition of Google Cloud to FinTech Scotland’s cluster will further enable new innovation at speed as well as benefiting from Google’s cloud knowledge and expertise.

This will especially be valuable to the growing number of fintech enterprises focused on data-driven innovation to improve financial services and products.

Google Cloud will join a broad range of large financial services enterprises and global technology and professional services providers in supporting the growth and development of the innovative fintech SME community .

Since its launch in January 2018, FinTech Scotland has been growing the number of global organisations involved in the cluster to bring innovation and collaboration opportunities to the fintech SME community.

Google Cloud’s strengths in data capabilities plus the innovative and entrepreneurial nature of Scotland’s fintech community will help further develop Scotland’s position as a major global fintech cluster.

Scotland’s fintech cluster is continuing to grow, evidenced by the growing number of fintech SME firms, innovation and research initiatives with universities, plus the collaborative support from government and global organisations.

“We very much welcome Google Cloud expert engagement with the fintech community and cluster as it acts as a further boost to driving impactful innovation. Google Cloud data capabilities and know-how will certainly be of great value to the innovative SME community in Scotland."

Stephen Ingledew, FinTech Scotland’s executive chair