Fintech Zortrex launches Zortrex Token Vault

Scottish fintech Zortrex launched Zortrex Token Vault yesterday.

The Zortrex Token Vault was created to assist organisations with reducing the cost and complexity of protecting against data breaches, ensure customer privacy and compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

The Token Vault tokenises messages in-line, removing and storing sensitive data such as credit/debit card information at the boundaries of an organisation.

Zortrex's growth plans are very ambitious wishing to become the tokenisation vendor of choice within the financial sector.

Zortrex Token Vault addresses unique requirements of the financial sector, dealing with sensitive data and financial messaging standards, including ISO 8583/20022, DB and Hadoop, ensuring quick and easy deployment into payment environments.

This flexible solution seamlessly integrates with clients’ legacy services and systems, allows organisations to evolve how they manage sensitive information.

Zortrex Token Vault operates from a centralised control point allowing companies to create or amend token masks as well as safely and securely de-tokenise data, in instances where the original data is required, via a web portal. The platform can be deployed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud, in a hybrid cloud/on-premises model or entirely on a customers’ premises.

Zortrex Token Vault can be used with any data or string of data. Tokenisation doesn't rely on encryption keys so organisations don't have to worry about managing sensitive data - security travels with the data.

“Technology is driving transformation within the financial services sector, and tokenisation is changing the way sensitive information is handled, controlled and disseminated throughout organisations,”

Zortrex CEO - Steve Clarke