GiftRound and Mangopay strengthen partnership

GiftRound, the specialist platform for group gift collection, has announced an enhanced partnership with Mangopay, a platform-specific payment infrastructure provider, to handle all payment flows on the platform. This partnership was established in 2018, at the inception of GiftRound, which has thus far processed over £10.5 million through more than 75,000 money pots using Mangopay.

GiftRound offers a secure, dependable and user-friendly online service that facilitates group gift collection. The platform's aim is to bring people together to celebrate and revive the pleasure of giving gifts in groups for the collector, the donor, and the recipient. Presently, there are over 800,000 users for 125 daily created GiftRounds.

The management of payment flows is central to GiftRound's service. The company required a robust payment provider to process intricate payment flows. Mangopay's expertise and capabilities were a perfect match for this purpose, with a long track record of working with platform-specific businesses, including crowdfunding companies. With Mangopay's API, GiftRound can ensure secure money collection, fraud prevention and anti-money laundering measures, all of which are vital for the platform. Mangopay also offers KYC processes alongside secure and diverse payment methods.

Moreover, GiftRound will now incorporate Mangopay's e-wallet modular technology, which will add an extra layer of protection and security before dispersing funds to the recipient. This functionality will provide flexible and scalable pay-in and pay-out capabilities, which are crucial for the platform and GiftRound's commitment to delivering dependable and seamless payment experiences to customers.

Craig Forsythe, CEO & Founder, GiftRound highlights:

Having started this journey with Mangopay in 2018, we’re delighted to continue working together. Payment flows are crucial for us as we work on maintaining our high levels of growth by listening to our customers to improve their payment experience on our platform. It is key for us to work with a trusted partner and we know that crowdfunding payment flows are part of Mangopay’s DNA. Mangopay will enable us to process multiple payment flows daily in the safest way possible and we look forward to continuing to grow a reliable, secure service with our trusted partner.”


Luke Trayfoot, Chief Revenue Officer, Mangopay declares:

Our modular and flexible payment infrastructure is a necessary asset for platforms, especially as they look to further improve their payment operations, user experience and scalability. We are proud to support GiftRound on its payment journey and help their customers organise gift collections quickly and easily. The UK represents a key growth market for Mangopay and having national partners such as GiftRound is fundamental for our expansion in the market.”