Made in the UK, Sold to the World’ – Government’s campaign to get encourage export

DIT (the Department for International Trade) is focusing on Scottish SME's in the next phase of its nationwide export campaign.

DirectID, Emergency One and AAC Clyde Space are some of the companies that will feature in adverts on local radio, in print, and on billboards in train stations across the UK until the end of November.

The purpose behind this campaign is to encourage more businesses to export by promoting the free expert advice that SMEs can access through UK Government.

Minister for Exports Marcus Fysh said:

"Exporters create jobs, pay higher wages and help grow our economy, which is why we want the UK to be an export-led economy and reach a trillion pounds of exports a year by 2030.

“This campaign highlights some fantastic businesses punching above their weight, selling their brilliant products and services made here in the UK to the world.  I hope they serve as inspiration to others looking to get onto the exporting ladder. As the campaign says: if you make it in the UK, why not sell it to the world?”


In 2019, there were around 12,400 Scottish companies exporting goods or services, and in 2021 Scotland accounted for 9% of all UK goods exports at £27.0 billion.

UK Government Minister for Scotland Malcolm Offord said:

“From fintech to fire engines to our world-famous food and drink sector, Scotland’s businesses have huge exporting potential.

“This campaign will highlight some fantastic Scottish companies that are already benefitting from selling their products around the globe. I hope it will inspire more businesses to follow suit, boosting the economy in Scotland and across the UK and supporting jobs.”

Minister for Trade, Scott Mann said:

“People around the world are lining up to buy British food, and this government is making sure that they can get it. From our fantastic seafood and meat to our world class produce, British food and drink is renowned for its high-quality and exceptional standards.

“This campaign ensures that all businesses making wonderful products have the tools they need to sell them around the world, bringing even more jobs and growth to a flourishing sector of our economy.”