New partnership to tackle financial fraud using synthetic data

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial fraud, Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud has become a prominent concern for both regulators and financial institutions. In 2022 alone, a staggering £485.2 million was lost to APP Fraud scams, accounting for a significant 40% of all financial fraud losses during that period. To combat this growing problem, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the City of London Corporation have teamed up with Smart Data Foundry to provide innovative solutions and support their mission to eradicate APP Fraud.


Smart Data Foundry's aizle Synthetic Data Engine

At the heart of this collaboration lies Smart Data Foundry's cutting-edge aizle® synthetic data engine. This powerful tool is being harnessed to create a synthetic dataset tailored specifically for APP Fraud. This dataset will be accessible through the FCA's Permanent Digital Sandbox, providing a resource for innovators and stakeholders in the fight against APP Fraud.


Understanding APP Fraud

APP Fraud occurs when individuals are deceived into transferring money to fraudsters posing as legitimate entities or individuals. The consequences of falling victim to these scams are devastating, particularly for those who are financially vulnerable. It is a pervasive issue that requires comprehensive and innovative solutions to address effectively.


TechSprint Initiative and Continued Development

Recognising the urgency of the problem, the FCA and the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) organised a TechSprint event in September 2022, focusing on combating APP Fraud. Smart Data Foundry played a pivotal role during this event by providing their APP Fraud synthetic dataset. Building on this momentum, Smart Data Foundry has continued to refine and expand their dataset to meet the evolving needs of the industry.


The Importance of Quality Data

Access to high-quality data is essential in the fight against financial fraud. It enables innovators to test ideas, develop proofs of concept, and refine models effectively. The APP Fraud synthetic dataset, provided by Smart Data Foundry, covers the entire lifecycle of APP Fraud, offering a representative and relevant resource for researchers and organisations striving to combat this growing threat.

Bryn Coulthard, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Smart Data Foundry, stated,

"We focus on creating high-utility synthetic data to enable innovation within the financial services industry. We are delighted to continue partnering with the FCA with our APP Fraud datasets to help play a part in tackling this growing problem and to help ignite and accelerate innovation in this space."

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