Open Banking Reporting joins Visa European Fintech Partner Connect programme

 Open Banking Reporting (OBR), a data-driven risk management fintech, has partnered with Visa to enable lenders to provide crucial real time business support. 

OBR’s solution OpenRep uses advanced analytics and robotic automation, connecting the SME’s accounting software and banking transactions with commercial credit, Visa and macro-economic data to deliver real time monitoring, proactive alerts, and actionable insights to both the lender and the SME. 

OpenRep allows lenders to provide a highly personalised approach to risk assessments through the monitoring of financial trends within a business’ performance; identifying opportunities to support the SME and the insight to act when access to finance is needed most. 

Eddie Curran, CEO of Open Banking Reporting, said:

“We are very proud of our flagship product OpenRep and the positive impact it has for both SMEs and lenders. 

“By linking real time financial data with advanced analytics and robotic automation we have developed an early-warning system that can help SME owners and lenders identify risks and opportunities. As we continue in a period of economic uncertainty, it is even more important that SMEs and lenders access not just the most up-to-date data, but the tools and technology that turn it into actionable insight. 

“OpenRep helps business owners achieve their strategic goals and allows lenders to provide a more proactive and personalised service.” 

Through the Fintech Partner Connect Programme Visa will introduce OpenRep to their lending customers firstly in the UK and then into Europe.