Origo appoints Tom Mullally as Chief Product Officer

Tom Mullally has joined the Origo team as their new Chief Product Officer.

This marks an exciting chapter for Origo on their road to creating the go-to resource for seamless financial connectivity and efficiency.

Starting at Nat West, he then joined Deloitte thank to his expertise in product and business development. More recently he was Chief Product Officer at two pioneering payments companies.


Tom says:

“For over 30 years, Origo’s focus has been on solving the industry’s problems, and that will continue. I am already talking with key industry players to see where we can add value and improve the industry’s efficiency, reduce costs, and help consumers.

“As well as building on Origo’s existing range of industry essential products, such as Unipass Identity, Origo Transfer Service, Origo Integration Hub, Unipass Letter of Authority, and our work for the Pensions Dashboard, among others, we are looking at new product development and pipeline growth that will see Origo able to support more businesses across the industry.”

Anthony Rafferty, CEO, Origo says:

“Since becoming an independent company, backed by Vespa, we have been looking at ways we can bring greater efficiencies and cost savings to the industry, by building on our ability to connect the industry through key services and processes.

“This is the technology for which we are well known, and which benefits the industry as a whole, including providers, platforms, software houses, advice firms and end clients.

“Tom brings a wealth of experience to the Origo team, which will help us expand our horizons, with the opportunity to create a bigger impression not only in our traditional market but in similar areas which could benefit from our expertise and technology.

“We are about to enter another exciting period of growth for Origo and its customers.”