Paymob Launch Tap-to-Phone in the US with ZmBIZI

Paymob is launching in the US through our partner ZmBIZI and their smartphone app. Alongside ZmBIZI, Paymob will be speedier and more accessible to small businesses.

Their US launch coincides with Visa launching its very first US Tap to Phone pilot in Washington D.C. as a method of supporting the region's black-owned small businesses. This will see Visa providing ZmBIZIZ's Z1 devices with Tap to Phone technology empowered by Paymob, on a six-city SMB revitalisation initiative, which also includes Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Miami.

“With the ZmBIZI Smartphone integrated with the Paymob SoftPOS we are now able to create the next generation of mobile merchants who are doing ‘business on the go’.

This is how we empower communities across the globe to become truly self-sufficient . A one stop business solution that is also a verified partner for Visa Global Small Business Solutions” says Alpesh Patel, Co Founder of ZmBIZI

This has been a long-term project for Paymob, this such a significant and exciting milestone for the company. The Co Founder and CEO, Kosta Du notes;

“This is a huge leap for the paytech space, the move will allow more independent businesses across the country to accept payments without the upfront costs for external POS hardware, meaning small businesses and gig economy workers can accept card and digital payments quickly, on the go, anytime.”

The ZmBIZI app enables business owners and their employees to use the app to type the amount they wish to charge, the customer simply taps their contactless card or e-wallet on their smartphone and finally, it will send them an e-receipt to the customer in the matter of seconds. For Paymob this project with Visa is the necessary place to start as we launch our solution in the US, enabling those who will feel the benefit of Paymobs SoftPOS technology the most.