Phoenix Group and FinTech Scotland launch the Women’s Innovation Forum

Phoenix Group's research has unveiled that a majority of individuals contributing to defined contribution schemes are falling short of securing a basic standard of living for their retirement years. To bridge this savings gap, Phoenix embarked on an innovative journey last year – introducing the inaugural Innovation Forum. This platform was dedicated to exploring technological innovations aimed at increasing financial well-being challenges faced by both the industry and society at large.

In partnership with FinTech Scotland and TCS COIN (Co-Innovation Network), Phoenix Group are now unveiling the second edition of their Innovation Forum.

This time the focus is on a pressing goal: empowering more women to realise their financial aspirations. The aim is to achieve this through strategic initiatives that will improve financial proficiency and engagement, thus chipping away at the gender pension gap over time. Phoenix Group has conducted meticulous research that unearths a glaring gender pension gap of up to 40.5%. Shockingly, the efforts made to address this gap remain insufficient.

The aim is to raise awareness about this critical challenge and foster innovative solutions that empower women to actively shape their financial future.

Applications are now open. The inaugural pitches are scheduled for October, culminating in December.

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