Ping Identity to acquire Scottish fintech Symphonic Software

It was announced today that identity solution Ping had acquired Scottish fintech Symphonic Software, who specialises in dynamic authorisation for protecting APIs, data, apps and resources through identity.

This acquisition comes after a couple of years of collaboration between the 2 companies during which they combined Symphonic’s authorisation platform with Ping’s data privacy and consent products. The combination of both solutions allows their clients to centralise administration and enforcement of critical resources and data for all types of users, applications and devices in a language that is easily understood.

“With increasing data privacy regulations, users are demanding that enterprises give them better digital experiences with more transparency and control. The acquisition of Symphonic accelerates our vision for enterprises to not only maintain security and compliance with confidence, but to easily deliver personalised, trustworthy experiences.”

Andre Durand, CEO and Founder of Ping Identity

The features offered by both companies help companies avoid costly bespoke integrations thanks to native services that are at the centre of identity platforms like users, groups, entitlements, consents, and risk.

“For the past two years Symphonic has worked alongside Ping to make policy management easy for enterprises. Ping Identity’s dedication to their customers aligns well with Symphonic’s values, and we are thrilled to continue our journey together as one.”

Derick James, CEO of Symphonic