Scottish Friendly launches challenger brand

Scottish Friendly recently launched a new investment brand, My Prime Investments.

My Prime, is innovative in that it offers a low cost investment ISA to higher net worth customers. The solution is all about streamlining cumbersome fund selection processes.

However, whilst the product is interesting what is really good to see is the change of focus from commercial to customer-led.

Scottish Friendly’s Commercial Director, Neil Lovatt, said: “With My Prime Investments we’ve created a brand that aims to provide investments that have the needs of the potential customer firmly in mind. The rest of the industry remains fixated on creating bewildering products and then attempts to ‘fix’ the customer.

Our mission is to fix the product. So we’re always putting the needs of the customer first, by offering straightforward investing, to entice more people to invest."

This piece of content isn't financial promotion and we are not promoting Scottish Friendly's product. This blog doesn't constitute advice. Our goal is to inform on the launch of a new brand.