Smardaten Runner Up to KPMG Tech Innovator China final

Smardaten was named Second Runner Up in the KPMG Private Enterprise Global Tech Innovator China final for 2023.

This marks the second major international Tech Award received by Smardaten in just three months, coming right after the Technology Pioneer 2023 award presented by the World Economic Forum.

These consecutive accolades highlight the contributions of Smardaten in the field of disruptive and transformative technology. The efforts of Smardaten have resulted in tangible outcomes, notably in significantly shortening the lead time for coding-based software development from the traditional 1-2 year span to 3-6 weeks.

This not only leads to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions but also addresses the challenge of data silos, creating an integrated and powerful ecosystem of data and applications.

Both the World Economic Forum and KPMG Private Enterprise acknowledge the profound value that Smardaten's innovations bring to the tech landscape.